At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Stepping Into Spring 2016

    Behind on a post or two, but we've been very busy with Isaac this spring. 
    Doing what?
    Oh, you know Isaac, there is only one answer: FUN STUFF,...

     Miracle League Baseball had started its spring season, and Isaac is learning how to bat and run the bases this year, and that's a HUGE improvement over his involvement last fall. 

    Isaac lives in a charmed world,...he thought these fireworks bursting in the sky were meant jussssst for him. Actually the fireworks were to celebrate the opening season of Little League baseball, but who are we to burst Isaac's bubble? He's worth a thousand private firework shows!

     Tour Guide Isaac takes us around the zoo, which has been the best membership money ever spent. Isaac likes inspecting the animals from A-to-Z, and is constantly amazing us, like this past Sunday Isaac says, "O, Ostrich starts with an O," and we are "HELLO? Is this our son with Apraxia?" 

     The leaps and bounds Isaac has made in his speech development are phenomenal! As I type these words I can hear Isaac with Teddy reading a picture dictionary book, Isaac says, "What is that? What comes next?" 
     And we say, "Thank you, Lord, Thank you!" 

     Feeding the fish is fun, although Isaac is not quite sure about those koi,...they are BIG!

     Sitting through the seal show was a first for Isaac and a challenge - the sensory issues in a crowd are more obvious now Isaac is older, and can vocally express, "TOO LOUD!" 

    In fact many Autism traits are more noticeable now that Isaac is older and mingles more with children his own age. Case in point was a recent school fundraiser: a race, which was a big deal because the elementary children were allowed to walk to the High School football field and race around the track.

     ALL the kindergarteners walked, but Isaac, as Autism singled him out to ride in the cool little red wagon pulled by big brother. Cool ride, but Isaac was the only kindergartener not walking - due to security concerns as Isaac can and will wander and he is VERY fast. And I confess, it was a little difficult to see my little guy so isolated due to Autism. 

    But you know Isaac, something happy ALWAYS happens. When we reached the football field, the first graders were cheering on the kindergarteners and when Isaac went through the gate there was a ROARING cheer for Isaac and shout outs, "YEAH ISAAC, GO ISAAC," -- which so comforted this Mama's heart. 

    Like all the other kindergarteners Isaac got to run the race, and he loved it. Afterwards it was back to the little red wagon, but Isaac didn't seem to care. He is the only person on the face of the earth not concerned with his Autism, he's too busy living and having fun!

    And trying new things. Very brave guy to get past sensory issues to try your VERY FIRST popsicle, and actually consume about 25% which is more popsicle than Isaac's ever eaten before, so this was a red letter day for us!

   The cutest factor is of course HUGE,...

    What's next for Isaac? More adventures, no doubt, Isaac experiences the world in a different way and he makes sure YOU do too!

     Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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