At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New Stuff For Spring 2016

    Wow, what a busy spring Isaac is having this year,...there is lots for a Kindergartener to do. Also Isaac is growing like a weed, and he's already a big, big, BIG guy for a six year old. Those little legs are too long to fit into a shopping cart seat, we're taking advantage of the new shopping carts available for the special needs community. 

    Isaac LOVED riding in this new shopping cart, which looks unweilding, but actually turns on a dime! And of course, Isaac can rock any ride,...he was having soooo much fun as we shopped that multiple other children were begging their parents, "Mom, I want to ride, too!" 

    Patience is a new trait Isaac is actively learning. Look how nicely we are waiting, and when Isaac understands the situation and can comprehend the time-frame, he actually can wait very patiently for a six year old. On the flip side, when Isaac doesn't understand the time-frame, it can be a challenge with lots and LOTS of, "When, When, When," questions that get caught in a feedback loop. Oh dear, but that's okay we, ourselves are learning patience as we help Isaac to cope with situations where there is no control over the time-frame. 

    Coping at school, Isaac gets to sit in the BIG yellow chair in the cafeteria, one because it is comfortable, and two because it helps him understand the boundaries of sitting at the table with his classmates. Having lunch with Mama always gets a thumbs up from Isaac! 

    How about HISTORY being made as Isaac tries his first ice cream!!!! Woohoo we thought this day would never come, but look at that, our brave little guy trying something new. Of course he didn't eat the ice cream, but Isaac tried and that's what counts. 

    Kindergarten graduation coming up soon. Oh dear, it should be an interesting event, as Isaac has a way of putting his own twist on any occasion. Summer is coming soon, more challenges, and more new vistas for Isaac to conquer,...he's a very brave little guy with LOTS of joy in his heart to share, and we are so very blessed to be part of his life. 

   Side note: April is done, but Autism, isn't, is part of our lives 365 - 24/7 - but so is Isaac and that is a very good thing, as we wouldn't miss this ride for the world!

    Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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