At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Not Going To Be A Dull Summer

Been lapsing a post or two because Isaac has been very, very VERY busy, and with the way the past few weeks has rounded out it is looking like we are not going to be having a dull summer. 

Unfortunately summer programs for children on the spectrum, in our area are few and far between, and mostly mind-boggling expensive. Many of the very few 'social-language' programs have a socialization requirement - i.e. your child doesn't need redirection. Okay, exactly how are you suppose to 'socialize' your child, who would not qualify for 'typical' programs, nor special needs programs?

Pray, and get creative with making your own programs, because the LORD answers prayers, and a membership to a local children's museum is within our budget, and SOCIALIZATION is off the scales, as Isaac mingles and interacts with all sorts of individuals, and of course Isaac doesn't categorize anyone as 'typical or special needs' - folks to him, are just folks,....

Also the coolness factor is off the chart,...check out this little face!!!

Fireman Isaac with his crew.

Mechanic Isaac fixes a car. 

Isaac the kid, having fun like any other six year old. 

Oh, also in the past few weeks, Isaac took the time to graduate from kindergarten. 

Less said about the graduation ceremony the better as the sensory load was overwhelming, although it is notable that Isaac SAT for the entire program, and any special needs parent reading this knows exactly what a triumph that was for our little guy. 

Of course, Isaac being Isaac, he ended up garnering his fair share, and a little more of face-time on the graduation's pre-program montage. Yep, that's our I.I. for all the see. 

No graduation pix for prosperity,...Isaac couldn't get out of the crowded building fast enough.
But he was a VERY brave little guy, and we're so proud of him, and his progress. 

After graduation, Isaac did what every graduate hopes to do.
Go straight to work. 
"Lunch anyone?" 

Mathematical skills?

Of course, Isaac is going to sack your groceries neatly, 
but please understand that Isaac is only working to put himself through vet school. 

Dr. Isaac is on call. 
"Don't you worry," says Isaac, "I fix it." 

Super-star Isaac,...this was from the Miracle League baseball celebration party. 
Of course, Isaac is thrilled with his trophy. 

What to do after a kindergartener graduates?
Rescue kittens.
A stray Mama cat hid her THREE kitten, in our car engine.
Isaac was THRILLED
"Cats in the car!" says Isaac, "C-A-T, C-A-R,"as our little guy is into spelling, and I mean, REALLY  into spelling as if he's already training for the national spelling bee.

Who knows? 
Maybe Isaac will be a spelling scholar.
Isaac loves books.

Although visits to our local library have been very few and far between and usually fraught with tears, Isaac's and mine as the sensory load was too much. But Isaac has matured a GREAT deal in the past six months, and this past week, he has his most successful library visit, which is going to be part of our summer schedule of 'fun' things to do. 

Picnic in the park? Oh yes, Isaac is into picnics this year. 
Backyard, park, everything tastes better outside. 

So many break-throughs this spring. Isaac's expressive verbalizations OFF THE CHARTS. 
We actually are having to teach him to 'be quiet'! - especially in the backseat of the car!
Never before has discipling a child been so joyful!!!!
But, Isaac is learning what is appropriate and inappropriate speech, just like any other child. 

More break throughs as Isaac is actually eating some BANANA for breakfast.
Okay, Isaac has actually always eaten a banana for breakfast, as I would whip a banana into his oatmeal with him none the wiser. But now, Isaac actually take about an inch of banana and eats it voluntarily. Very brave as the sensory issues are still there, but Isaac is such a champ to try new things. 

Notice the nicely trimmed hair? 

Mama trimmed Isaac's hair,...all by herself. 
Miracle? I won't dispute it. Not in the light of the past six years worth of rodeos trying to keep Isaac's hair from growing to his knees. 

But like I said, Isaac has really been developing in the past six months. All I had to do was ask him to be still, and our little guy was still as a mouse, and let Mama trim his hair, no fuss, no sass, and no tears. 

Thank you Lord, thank you. And yeah, the gummy bears were a reward, but Isaac didn't know he would get a reward,...that was just a bonus. 

Tour guide Isaac? Let's do-the-zoo. Another membership, well worth the money as we look upon it as therapy. Can't sit at home all summer. And Isaac is thrilled to go interact with the other children, and zoo keepers, and adults.

"Hi," says Isaac so infectiously it is rare that others don't respond to him. 

Last year there is no way Isaac would have wanted his picture taken with a cut-out, nor appropriately thought it was 'Silly' and 'Funny' or would he have made 'Oooh, oooh' - ape sounds. Progress, progress, progress. 

More fun stuff is loaded upon Isaac's summer calendar, although just hanging out with Mama at home has been fun. Isaac is never dull, and he's becoming so 'handy' around the house: laundry detail, dishes, bringing groceries in, sweeping. Don't call this therapy or chores, Isaac calls it FUN!!!

Life skills, reading skills, writing skills, socialization skills, nutrition, arts-and-crafts (Mama can only try), and lots and lots of active activities, as our little guy is a VERY active child, thus we need to hit the park, and backyard, and swimming pools, to put all that energy into useful development, although Isaac would just call it fun. 

First grade is looming in Isaac's future, but for now he's not going to have a dull summer!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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