At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, June 24, 2016

Thumbs Up For Summer 2016

Keeping up with such a busy little guy as Isaac makes it difficult to find time to blog about this very active summer! Needless to say Isaac is having a BLAST! 

Hanging out with Big Brothers. 

The chore of having to have therapy at a local children's museum,'s tough having so much fun!

This thumbs up is for having LEFT the library,..sigh.
But, Isaac has come a long way in at least going INTO the library building and participating a little.
We go and read a book AT the library,...and leave,...but some is better than none, 
and with children on the spectrum these things take time,...and much patience. 

Isaac is working on patience and fine motor skills,...tweezers are fun this summer!

 A special needs dance class is MUCH more fun this summer. 
Isaac goes into the dance studio without Mama,...that's a HUGE improvement over last year, 
and he does 'try' to participate in the group activities, that's a thumbs up,
because our little guy is making progress!

Oh dear what to do when the splash-pad closes early one evening? 
Isaac gives his own private tub-pool a thumbs up. 

A very brave little guy gives a thumbs up to a local park.

A few weeks ago,...Isaac had his first run-in with bullies. 
Mama was on hand, so nothing 'serious' happened, 
but Isaac was scared,...not knowing why he was being chased with sticks,...sigh. 
Sadly those older boys go to Isaac's school and KNOW he is special needs,...
but obviously those children don't KNOW that being different doesn't make you less. 
However Isaac was totally cool,...he holds no grudges,...
and when we left he waved 'bye' to  those boys and blew them kisses,...
because that's the loving way he rocks and rolls. 

Since then we've returned to the park with not a bully in sight,...nothing but fun! 

Besides,...Isaac has too much to do this summer than worry about bullies.
Double thumbs up, as Isaac says "CHEESE" - as he is fueling for speech therapy!

WOW! Isaac's speech and vocabulary have lifted off with the speed of rocket!
So encouraging! 
Recent testing has indicated that
 Isaac's vocabulary and speech about three years behind developmentally, 
but who cares??? 
All that means is that when Isaac is 40,...he'll talk like a 37 year old. 
Progress is progress,...and despite Apraxia still hindering the works,
our little guy is making miraculous progress.
Four years ago,....our little guy could not speak at all. 
Two years ago,...he couldn't even say his name. 
Last summer, Isaac could barely say, "I want." 
This summer, Isaac says, "Mama, I want, go to the zoo. YES!" 

Or even, "I want more French Fries!"

And for this Mama that is a double thumbs up!!!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!