At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, July 22, 2016

Bears In The Air, A Flying Leap, And Summer Growth

Over the top blog post title? Or par for the course for this summer?

Life is not dull with Isaac!

Okay the line at the store was a tad long, 
and perhaps Isaac was taking matters into his own hands, 
by exploring the depths of the grocery cart,...and Mama's patience.  

Summer growth = trying new ventures.

Indoor zoo?

Yes, please with the blistering temperatures outside!

The boxed bears didn't exactly intimidate our little guy. 

Nor did the extra tall playground structure. 

Another 'cool' environment to explore during the heat waves of July,...and we overheard the funniest conversation. 
Isaac was playing with some other children,...very friendly, and old enough to read his shirt, so they knew his name, but they were exceedingly puzzled to why Isaac couldn't talk to them, because hello you don't exactly begin every conversation with, "Hi, I have autism and apraxia" - and at this time Isaac is not aware he has any diagnosis. To Isaac, he is Isaac, and you are you, and if you have trouble with that,...well that is a puzzle isn't it? And he hopes you figure it out, but why you digress upon paradoxes, he's going to be having fun. Join in. 

As the children were all in the play place, it was not like we could have added anything to this situation, and as everyone was being very friendly - it seemed a good plan to let Isaac take this one on his own, which meant he merely grinned when they'd kept asking, "Say something, Isaac!" -- then  there was a debate among the children whether Isaac could talk or not. 

It was all very interesting to hear, and again it was all very friendly,...because they all clearly liked Isaac, and his lack of verbal communication wasn't hindering the play as it was giggles and laughter galore! 

Then one of the boys a little older than Isaac was overhead making elaborate plans for their game of chase,....he would go this way, and Isaac would go that way, and then they would intersect before the other team could find them, was complex,...only it didn't go as planned when Isaac darted in a different direction,...and the little boy wailed, "BUT ISAAC THAT'S NOT WHAT WE PLANNED!"
Only to find that Isaac's "unspoken" strategy was the best way to win the game!

Thankfully Isaac's experiences with others has been OVERWHELMINGLY positive, can be kids, but mostly children are so supportive and even protective of Isaac when they understand his limitations.  And time and again, they nail his personality, "He's FUN!" and we answer, "Yep, he is!" 

 More "fun" venues to explore,...helicopter,...Isaac knows the sign language sign,...and now he's been up front and personal with the real deal.

And a flying leap!

No fear of heights, but new food,...that's a different proposition!

But Isaac has been trying to try new things,...he might not like bananas, but he tries to eat his quota. 

However Isaac liked Vacation Bible School very much! 

A special needs ministry makes inclusiveness a reality for our little guy. 

Only the reality of special needs means missing out on a day of VBS,...for therapy,...sigh. 

Yet,...not every child on the spectrum has opportunities for therapy,
so we are grateful, so very grateful for every opportunity afforded to our little guy,...
2 out of 3 days of VBS is a blessing!

Stopping by a cool train table, a cool, air conditioned, bookstore afterwards didn't hurt,...
especially as Isaac has exhibited so much growth in his pretend play,...
which is a HUGE developmental development. 

Here are those Bears In The Air!
Can you see them?
The dark blobs?

When we visited the zoo that late afternoon, on a VERY hot day,
we couldn't find the black bears, 
and thought they had been taken inside because the weather was so very warm,....
but Isaac misses very little, he pointed upward.
"What?" we cried, because we thought Isaac was making some type of joke,
but Isaac insisted,
Upward we look,....and indeed there were the bears up in the air!!!

"Dah, dah, dee, dah," -- big brother, Michael's special day is coming up in a couple months,
and Isaac is already practicing his picture posing. 

The pose for this picture says it all!
"Why have you taken me into the depths of the earth?"

A visit to a cavern was not Isaac's favorite summer activity. 
The best that can be said is that Isaac has a cave environment in his frame of reference,
but he is NOT about to become a troglodyte. 

Now THIS is Isaac's idea of a cavern!

Miniature golf was also a hit with Isaac!

Such growth with our little guy,...we didn't even consider for a second that he might wander!

Of course why wander when you are getting to spend the day with your favorite people!

Let us be clear,...Isaac LOVES his big brother Teddy!

Thank goodness for multiple ride passes,...
our super sonic little guy liked all the speed to be found in these go-carts!!!
"Isaac ride!"

Our cave tour/fun-day was a staycation/vacation day, it has been a very busy summer,
and it is unlikely we'll get to actually 'go' away for a typical vacation. 
But that's okay,...Isaac teaches us about flexibly and appreciating what is most important,
spending time with those you love. 

Also looking for the unexpected,
bears in the air,
and rainbows at twilight. 

Lot of summer growth these past weeks,
our little guy's legs are getting so long,
and his heart and mind 
are growing along with his beautiful little spirit. 

School starts soon,
1st grade,
a new teacher,
new ventures for our brave little guy,
and no doubt,
more over the top blog post titles,
because Isaac takes experiencing life to the next level. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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