At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Solemn Significance

Another Fourth of July is another chance to teach Isaac the solemn significance of our national holidays. 

Not an easy challenge. With the communication disconnects with Autism and Apraxia we never know exactly how much Isaac understands about all the holiday hullabaloo.

Isaac gets the 'fun' stuff.

It's the abstract of 'why' we are sitting on a roof top watching those 'cool' fireworks that is harder to discern for our little guy. Or at least it is very difficult for him to communicate to us exactly what he understands,...aside from fireworks are 'loud' and sparklers are 'fun' - yet we keep the historical  narratives on a constant feed with the assumption that it is all going in and being retained.

Retention is the least of our concerns. Isaac seemingly forgets nothing! 

So much progress Isaac has made in a year, he  knows that everything has a name, which can be spelled, and he is asking more, "why" and "how" questions, which is signaling to us advances in his language development. 

It is all very much like entering data into a computer bank, but now Isaac needs programing software to access that data and assimilate it so he can fully express all of his opinions, and observations, and jokes, because our little guy has a highly developed sense of humor, and it is amazing to us - how much - Isaac is able to communicate within his limited means of vocabulary and expression. 

Apraxia does not make speech easy for our little guy, but thankfully the only person not daunted by the vast communication gaps is Isaac,...he's totally comfortable in his own personhood, and if 'we' are having so much trouble with 'our' communication,...well, know,...there, there, Isaac has got our backs,...and he'll go slow until we understand. 

Either our little guy is a born therapist, or he's been in too many therapy sessions, but either way Isaac has an absolute genius for turning every single communication opportunity to his own advantage!

But some conversations are to no advantage and that is our dilemma. 
How do you explain 'wars' and 'tragedies' to a child, much less a child on the spectrum? 
People are people to Isaac.
We teach him, "Love people, because God loves ALL people." 

Prayers for our nation. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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