At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Tale Of The Missing Golf Tee

A breakfast/brunch turned into an adventure for Isaac this past week. Service was a little slow, and Isaac soon tired of giving directives to big brother in regard to coloring the kid's menu. 

Instead Isaac turned to the golf-tee puzzle, which is on each table. But,...Oh DEAR!!!!...Isaac discovered that a golf tee was missing!

Of course we calmly informed Isaac that is how the puzzle/game is played,...with a missing golf tee,...but for some reason that logic,...did not compute with our little guy. 

"It missing!" cries Isaac, "Where did it go?" 

Daddy applies more truth and logic, the game is SUPPOSE to be missing a golf tee.

But Isaac isn't buying it. 

Something is seriously wrong with this game!

But never fear,...Isaac is on the case,...

"I find it," Isaac assures,...patting Daddy's back, "Don't you worry." 

"Where did it go?" 

Oh dear,...Isaac discovers ALL the games on ALL the tables are missing a golf tee.  

Patiently Isaac listens to the illogical reason for the missing 16th golf tee, because Isaac counted, and Isaac can count very well,...sixteen holes,...should mean,...sixteen golf tees. 

Raiding another table's game is not an option, Mommy and Daddy are wet blankets on a detective case,...but don't you fear,...Isaac is going to fix it,...that's his speciality.

Only little guys need a little help,...with his ingenious solution.

"Sixteen," says Isaac, "I fix it!" 

And then we count,...once again,...just to make sure every empty hole is accounted for. 

What's next after all that deliberation? 

What else would a six year old do,...but shake all the golf tees out. 


Not one to be missed,...Isaac does NOTHING half way!

Yes,...Isaac confirms sixteen empty holes. 

Now breakfast,...where are his biscuits and eggs?

Trust me this little vignette reads faster than the twenty minute ordeal of reasoning with Isaac over that missing golf tee,...he was sooooo in earnest to find that missing golf tee,...and then his solution has us flabbergasted, matter where we are or what we are doing,...Isaac is NEVER dull!

Holiday weekend,...Isaac will be celebrating with his posse,...maybe the zoo,...maybe the park,...maybe the splash pad,...maybe a pool,...or maybe just hanging at home,...we are very blessed to live in America,...and have so many choices,...but fireworks on the fourth will be a given!


Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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