At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, August 12, 2016

Back To School,...

Is summer vacation really at an end? It must be since Isaac returned to school yesterday.

First day - First Grade

But what a summer we've had!
It's been a blur, this pix,...but lots of giggles.

And some challenges to work through,
and so we did,...and continue to do so,
can't hide from life.

But we can celebrate 'happy choices' and victories,....

Like our little guy being excited about going back to school. 

This summer Isaac has fostered a real love of learning,...he wants to know EVERYTHING!

Right down to how his signature ISAAC shirts are made.
Oh dear,...I have a feeling the next batch of ISAAC shirts 
are going to have Isaac's fingerprints on the them,...literally!!!!

"Isaac's turn," says Isaac as he helped to peel off the stencils,
and "Isaac, turn paint," when Mama was painting the shirts, 
and if he hadn't caught me jusssst as I was finishing the last shirt,...
I'd have handed our little guy the paint brush,
because we are not looking for perfection in our lives,
just satisfaction!!!

This week an oops in a pre-school scheduling appointment was a gain for Isaac,
and extra day at the children's museum!

This was GREAT therapy for our little guy.

"I fix," says Isaac.

"Don't you worry," Isaac says,...he's got tire changing down pat!

Caring for creatures, too. 

And Isaac's favorite spot - the diner!
"This is for you," says Isaac.
WOW, verbal explosions this summer,
and the social - give and take - of sharing with other children, so helpful. 

First day of school photo shoot,...and yes, that's a fakey smile for Mama,
'cause Isaac's such a sweetie.

First day First Grade was WONDERFUL!!!!

A lot of developmental development took place over the the summer. 

Nine more months of school to go,...but Isaac's up for the challenge,
especially if he has his picture dictionary close at hand!

It is so hard to believe our summer vacation is over!!! 
We really did have a GREAT time. 
Membership to the zoo and a local, children's museum were therapy money well spent.
Especially the children's museum!!!!
It was a wonderful opportunity for Isaac to practice his 'play' skills,
and engage in social interaction with other children. 

Of course some of our most favorite memories were just hanging out together. 
Isaac discovered he likes to cook,
or rather help me cook.
Need a carrot cut?
Isaac's the man with his safety knife. 
Washing clothes?
Isaac's the guy to dive into the depths of the washing machine for the last sock. 
Isaac will take a turn,...not for long perhaps, but he offers.
Why should I stoop for a soup can, when Isaac will happily retrieve what I need?
And taking out the trash,
Oh yeah,...EVERYTHING is fun to Isaac!

So for prosperity,
What was the most summer fun for Isaac?
Water sprinkler in the back yard.
Our therapy office here at home,...Isaac explored every single activity box!
Thera-putty! Bought the stuff last summer, Isaac yawned, 
but THIS summer that blue goo had been hours of fun!
Magnets,...need I say more?
Of course Isaac's picture dictionaries,...he hasn't made a move all summer without them.
And last but not least, 
shaved ice was a new discovery and delight for Isaac this summer!

Of course summer is not really over yet.
It's August.
Ick,...starting school in sweltering heat,
but that's okay,...we'll just go get more shaved ice,
and start planning our fall adventures.

Isaac's first visit to a football game,...perhaps?

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!