At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Field Trips And Fishing

So far October has been a jammed-packed month with event after event,...all leading up to the BIG EVENT in November,...dah, dah, dee, dah,...Isaac at a wedding, shall be an interesting occasion, way or the other as our little guy experiences life in a different way,...and makes sure YOU do too,...and I am sure that will include a formal event like a wedding....

But until then how about a Canoeing Field Trip for our little guy,...his first taste of boating thanks to the Adaptive P.E. Department in our local school system,...all those fuzzed-out faces are Special Needs P.E. Teachers,...the fuzzed faces is to respect their privacy,...but thanks for their service to our special needs children!!!!

Safety First!

Big brother took a day off work to be a buddy for his little buddy,....

Off they go on a beautiful morning,...

So relaxing,...Isaac was totally laid back when they returned,...

Only what to do with the rest of the morning when your lap around the lake is done?

 How about some playground time with your friends?

Okay,...just Teddy is in the picture, but the playground was packed with special needs friends, 
from other schools,
One little guy was from Isaac's class,...last year,...
and he was THRILLED to meet up with Isaac.

After hugs,...and games of tag we were off to the petting zoo. 

This pix is a perfect example of Teddy's calm, and gentle, and patience nature,
kids love him,
and so do animals

Isaac loved interacting with the VERY friendly goats,...

See,...Isaac makes friends everywhere!!!!!

 Canoe Field Trip was on a Thursday,
Sunday afternoon,
Isaac had another trip.
A fishing trip to Papa's Farm. 

Isaac and Daddy fishing buddies. 

Learning from the Pro,...


It took a while for Isaac to warm up,...

But what a brave little guy,...

The next Thursday Isaac had another field trip.
Same park,
different activity.

How about some biking?

How fun is Adaptive P.E.? 

Get out of school to go bike on a beautiful morning.

With a little help,...

Despite the bike being a little big,...Isaac did GREAT!!!

Only the biking wasn't near exciting as THIS!!!


Don't ask me why,...
but Isaac was more interested in exploring the bike pump,
than biking. 

That's just the way our little guy rocks and rolls.
Field trips, fishing, and daily life,...Isaac experiences the world in his own way,
and he makes sure YOU do too. 

Oreo doesn't mind,...she loves hugs,
and is such a great match for our little guy,
she so very calm and patience. 

Out of all the trips,...Isaac liked fishing the very best,
maybe because Oreo got to go with us,
and he got to eat fish,
can't eat a bike,
or a canoe. 

Wedding coming up,
It will be what it will be,
and knowing Isaac
that means it will be

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Windy Whirlwind Weekend And A WOW!!!!

This past weekend was really windy and really busy for our little guy!!!

Fall Fun?
Isaac's all in for a good time!

So many events to choose from is truly a blessing.
Boo at the Zoo on Friday night,
or support your local school's fall festival?

Isaac thought the animals at the zoo would understand if he hung out with his school friends. 

Besides Isaac is never going to turn down some golfing!!!

Saturday was another blessings.
Our church's special needs ministry sponsored a fall event for the children and their families.
Bounce Houses,
sensory tables,
and so much more,...

 Sand, sand, glorious sand,...Isaac could have stood here all afternoon,
digging up dinosaurs,....

But volunteers were blowing bubbles on a hilltop on a VERY windy afternoon,...

Bubbles and wind = FUN,...

Isaac chased,...

And chased,...

And chased some more,...

I did mention it was VERY windy?

Oh yes,...there were also BOUNCE HOUSES and slides,..

No need to add our little guy had a BLAST!!!

Weekends are fun,...but Mondays come around and school starts again,...

That means dressing a groggy Isaac who is sleepily murmuring, "More Sleep,...more sleep!"
Then brushing hair and teeth, 
with a little guy who is slightly unenthusiastic for the task.
All the while Mama is social storying as fast as she can:
"Let's get to school, and see your friends, eat breakfast, and say the pledge,..."

"Say the pledge?"
Why did I even mention that?
FIRST time ever have I mention to Isaac that he would say 
the Pledge of Allegiance at school. 
Hello, I know the pledge is pledged during the opening announcements each day.
There is flags all over the school. 
And I can only suppose Isaac puts his hand over his heart,
but say the pledge?

Well, the moment I got the toothbrush out of Isaac's mouth,
Isaac says the Pledge of Allegiance.
EVERY SINGLE WORD of the Pledge of Allegiance.
Yeah, Mama was picking herself off the floor.
I didn't KNOW that Isaac KNEW the pledge,
because frankly my two typical children didn't know the entire pledge in the First Grade,
it NEVER occurred to me Isaac knew the pledge.
But he does.
Is the pronunciation off?
Ah, yeah, but who cares, little guy has Apraxia, yet he can say the Pledge of Allegiance.
And I have video proof.
After all, I had to send the video to Papa, and Big Brothers, 
and show Isaac's teachers who were also FLOORED!!!
Before I showed the video to Isaac's speech pathologist, 
I had her sit down.
Lest, she be floored.
It is THAT dramatic,...especially as no one coached or taught Isaac,
the little guy just picked it up on his own,
but then again I.I. does HAVE an amazing memory!!!!
Of course that video was only needed for the initial reaction,
because I.I. really does know the pledge,
and can rattle it off,...the best he can when Apraxia allows.
It is a huge WOW!!!
Perfectly pronounced or not our little guy speaks
so beautifully,
with so much reverence,

Especially when he lisps,..."One nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all." 


Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Friday, October 7, 2016


October has barely begun, but Isaac has been a busy little guy with one event after the other this past week,...and this upcoming weekend he has two more events,...fall festivals, for school, and one for especially for special needs children and their families,...and then upcoming field trips with school, TWO in the month of October,...and oh yes,...a very important wedding to prepare for in November,'s a very eventful fall for our little guy,...

Isaac is pacing himself,...on a HOT afternoon,...the weather in our side of the deep south has cooled somewhat, but it is STILL record breaking temps,....

Hot weather or not,...Isaac is always up for a school carnival.

LOOK at our little guy waiting in line,...soooo nicely.

Whoa! That's a super TALL slide,...and it is the same slide that Isaac was not able to master last fall.
It's a trampoline-type climbing tower, where one has to bounce and push up through webbing.
Last fall our little guy was completely unable to maneuver through the layers, and was actually rescued by a very nice second grader,...who was thrilled to get to 'help' Isaac. 

But this year,...Isaac shimmied up that webbing like a pro!!!

It helped Isaac had big brothers cheering him on!!!

THIS, brotherly love in action!
Come on, many twenty-somethings would so willingly give up their FOOTBALL Saturday
 to shadow a first grader from booth to booth, to maze, to rides, to more booths?
And foot the bill too!!!

Of course it does help that Isaac utterly adores his big bros.
They are his heroes!!!

More events?
How about a local Food Tasting event?

Our little guy did GREAT,...on a very long day of setting up and serving. 

Isaac helped to pick out and arrange the pumpkins!!!
Especially the little ones!!!

Captain Adorable,...generated many smiles. 

And the balloon has a fantastic story attached. 
A group of children, not part of our event were having trouble keeping with their balloons
 as the wind kept kicking up. Isaac went into hero-mode and chased down the balloons, rescuing them,...without a thought of thanks, our little guy truly loves being helpful. 
In a tear-jerker moment,...those children decided among themselves to give Isaac a balloon. 
Trust me, was really sweet how they wanted to thank Isaac,
especially as they only had a very few balloons themselves. 
Mama was sniffling. 

Getting to participate in such a big event was really a treat for Isaac.
Big brothers were on hand to help, as well. 
It is such a blessing Isaac has such good role models in his life. 

The event was very upscale and chi-chi,....

Isaac's ideal of gourmet food,...

During the big event,...Isaac did GREAT,...mostly hanging out with big brothers,
and of course being his charming-little-self. 

Having a six year old along for any big event like this is an open question to "How will they do?"
Add Autism and Apraxia into the mix and the question gets more complicated, 
but leaving Isaac out of the event was never an option.
This is life,...and we want our little one to live it as fully as possible.
Did Isaac experience the Food Festival in a different manner?
Yes, yes he did, but Isaac also make a ton of friends.
Hello, kids don't give away prize balloons to folks they don't like. 
And Isaac has a new frame of reference in his base of common knowledge.
Food Festival.
"Yeah," says Isaac, "I've been to one of those,..."

Of course let's get real,...
events are fun and all, but Isaac really rather spend time with his puppy!!!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!