At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Field Trips And Fishing

So far October has been a jammed-packed month with event after event,...all leading up to the BIG EVENT in November,...dah, dah, dee, dah,...Isaac at a wedding, shall be an interesting occasion, way or the other as our little guy experiences life in a different way,...and makes sure YOU do too,...and I am sure that will include a formal event like a wedding....

But until then how about a Canoeing Field Trip for our little guy,...his first taste of boating thanks to the Adaptive P.E. Department in our local school system,...all those fuzzed-out faces are Special Needs P.E. Teachers,...the fuzzed faces is to respect their privacy,...but thanks for their service to our special needs children!!!!

Safety First!

Big brother took a day off work to be a buddy for his little buddy,....

Off they go on a beautiful morning,...

So relaxing,...Isaac was totally laid back when they returned,...

Only what to do with the rest of the morning when your lap around the lake is done?

 How about some playground time with your friends?

Okay,...just Teddy is in the picture, but the playground was packed with special needs friends, 
from other schools,
One little guy was from Isaac's class,...last year,...
and he was THRILLED to meet up with Isaac.

After hugs,...and games of tag we were off to the petting zoo. 

This pix is a perfect example of Teddy's calm, and gentle, and patience nature,
kids love him,
and so do animals

Isaac loved interacting with the VERY friendly goats,...

See,...Isaac makes friends everywhere!!!!!

 Canoe Field Trip was on a Thursday,
Sunday afternoon,
Isaac had another trip.
A fishing trip to Papa's Farm. 

Isaac and Daddy fishing buddies. 

Learning from the Pro,...


It took a while for Isaac to warm up,...

But what a brave little guy,...

The next Thursday Isaac had another field trip.
Same park,
different activity.

How about some biking?

How fun is Adaptive P.E.? 

Get out of school to go bike on a beautiful morning.

With a little help,...

Despite the bike being a little big,...Isaac did GREAT!!!

Only the biking wasn't near exciting as THIS!!!


Don't ask me why,...
but Isaac was more interested in exploring the bike pump,
than biking. 

That's just the way our little guy rocks and rolls.
Field trips, fishing, and daily life,...Isaac experiences the world in his own way,
and he makes sure YOU do too. 

Oreo doesn't mind,...she loves hugs,
and is such a great match for our little guy,
she so very calm and patience. 

Out of all the trips,...Isaac liked fishing the very best,
maybe because Oreo got to go with us,
and he got to eat fish,
can't eat a bike,
or a canoe. 

Wedding coming up,
It will be what it will be,
and knowing Isaac
that means it will be

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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