At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, November 18, 2016

I See, You See, We Saw

In the world of child development - joint attention - is a huge deal. It is the ability of a child to share an experience with another. "Look a puppy!" - parent to child. "I like puppies," - a typical child's response to a puppy. However, children on the spectrum, or at least our child on the spectrum has had great difficulty with shared experiences. Or in other words our little guy has been a one-way-street, in the sense he is only too eager to show you HIS world, but dragging him into OUR world is a struggle, if not an out-and-out rodeo. 

But this past week,...Isaac has been playing I-spy game with his Daddy while driving down the road.

"I see a house," says Isaac.
"I see a tree," says Daddy.
"I see a pumpkin," says Isaac.
"I see leaves," says Daddy.
"I see a blue car," says Isaac.
You get the gist. 

In therapy-speak,...this development is a WOW. 
So much to celebrate.
Shared interest.
Give and take.
It's a big deal. 
And we are so grateful. 

Okay, the puppy pix. Aren't they cute? 
The one with Isaac and Oreo is our current dog: Oreo.
This pix,...puppy on the stairs is our original puppy Oreo,...
who went to live in the country as he kept escaping from our fenced in back yard.

Don't the Oreos look alike!!!
No wonder Isaac wanted to called our present Oreo, Oreo. 
"Two Oreos," said Isaac when we went to visit Nanny and Pawpaw in the country. 
Original Oreo,...actually lives, about a mile and half from Nanny and Pawpaw,
his new family loves him, and were sweet enough to let Oreo come visit with us for the afternoon. 
If you ever wondered if a dog remembers you,...they do.
Oreos is very happy in his new home with lots of room to roam, 
but he was over joyed to see Isaac,...and vice versa!

Back home,...Isaac's been helping to gather leaves, we have a huge backyard 
with many, many trees, with many, many leaves. 
All those leaves fall,...oh dear,...but Isaac is on hand to help! 

Very dry here in the deep south,...we're in a drought, which means no bonfires for these leaves.
But that suits Isaac fine,...that means he has more time to jump and play. 

I see Isaac hiding in the leaves.
Isaac saw me with my smart phone taking a pix.
We both saw the Original Oreo last week. 

When Isaac says his prayers at night,
he adds,
"...thank you for, Oreo, and Oreo." 

Oh yes...we have lots to celebrate this fall!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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