At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, November 11, 2016

Wow! What A Wedding Weekend!!!!

Isaac is catching up on some sleep,...last weekend with the wedding,
and 'other stuff' was quite a life event.

First let's get the 'other stuff' out of the way. 
When one holds their newborn for the very first time and envisions that far off day
when they would happily wed the love of their life,
one does not usually include
your basement flooding the morning of the wedding.
Ah, yeah, was total pipe failure which had this Mama and Papa
busy with mops, and frantically calling plumbers. 
Of course, Isaac was totally chill about the whole episode,
when we went to a local hotel to book a room, because we had absolutely NO WATER,
Isaac cheerily walked through the swishing glass lobby doors,
and proclaimed,
"Home Sweet Home!"

What a brilliant little guy to know WHEREVER your loved ones are, home. 

But hey,...we had to get Michael and Kelsey married!
So Isaac dressed for the occasion,
and LOVED wearing the vest and tie!!!

Isaac also LOVED his newest best friend,
HUGE best friend,
which Isaac called, "Puppy!"

Thanks to the wedding venue to providing 
a very well trained 'puppy' for wedding pixs, and Isaac's entertainment!

Obligatory bro' pix with Isaac watching the football game instead of the camera. 

But the main event was beautiful!

And a challenge for our little guy,
due to the water-fiasco we forgot the gummy bears,
but "Step one - wedding, step two - done," helped our little guy through the ceremony. 

Snuggling against Daddy helped a lot too. 

And then more pictures with the newly wedded Mr. and Mrs. 

Some heartfelt hugs. 

And oh dear,...MORE pictures,...

Post wedding pictures were a challenge,...we had to call in the big guns - TEDDY!!!

The poor photographer,...he was DETERMINED that Isaac was NOT going to have his tablet 
in the pictures, and when it was Isaac's turn to stand with the wedding party, 
and the photographer said, "Okay, Isaac we've got to put down that tablet,"
The ENTIRE wedding party shouted, "NO! It's okay,..the tablet is totally OKAY!!!"
With tablet,...Isaac's picture was taken for prosperity. 

But let's get real,...Isaac is only six years old,
and the only rings he was really interested in were these DONUT RINGS!

While the wedding ceremony was a clear challenge for our little guy,
I.I. wholeheartedly approved of ALL the wedding reception fun!!!

"Shall we dance?"
It would probably easier to list all the people Isaac's didn't dance with 
than to list his action on the dance floor. 

Who knew,...Isaac was such a disco dynamo?

And so now Isaac has a wedding into his frame of reference,
and a NEW big sister. 

But the honeymooners are honeymooning,
and Isaac's got to get back to the business of living his busy little life. 
The plumbing is fixed,
and autism therapy had us at the local children's hospital this week. 

Isaac had to decide if this was an Easter egg on a pedestal,
or a ginormous Christmas tree light. 

Kooky grin with Santa helped with the mystery. 

And so back to routine,...our little guy still has challenges that need help,...

We're thankful for all the therapy opportunities,...
and we're especially thankful that Isaac brings so much joy to our daily lives. 

Weekends, Weddings, Hotel Stays, I.E.P.s (Isaac's was this week),
and all the unique wonder Isaac brings to every event,
it's a WOW!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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