At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, December 2, 2016

A Very Flamingo-ie Thanksgiving

Isaac experiences the world in a different way,...and he makes sure YOU do too,...and that includes holidays. 

You could say our little guy with his super-sonic enthusiastic personality ISAAC-TIZES every venture. Which means you NEVER know what to expect, like Thanksgiving morning,...when I.I. woke up with a mini-stomach virus. 

Oh no! Poor little guy got sick,...and was a wee bit pale while we were assessing him downstairs.

"Are you going to be sick again,...Isaac." asks Mama.
"Yes," answers Isaac with business like crispness.
"Then let's go upstairs to the bathroom," says Mama.
Isaac took my hand and when we reached the stairs, he turned to me, "Let's do THIS!" 

Yep, can't make this stuff up. Fortunately Isaac didn't get sick again the entire day, while we marveled over his unflagging enthusiasm for every aspect of life,...even being sick,...if you have to throw up,...let's do it with flare!!!

Let's go to the region mall and inspect the holiday decorations with flare.
No meek and mild child is our little guy...Isaac walked the mall like he owned it,
greeting holiday shoppers left and right.

"How are you today!" 
I.I. is NOT shy!'

And Isaac ALWAYS gets great ideas.
"I know," says he, constantly. 

The real reason to visit the mall was to ride up and down on the escalators,
a word that Isaac can now read:
"What that spell," says Isaac. 


Holiday hot dog?
Isaac would rather have a hot dog than turkey any day!

A holiday weekend has to include a visit to the zoo. 

Doesn't matter that Isaac has the entire layout memorized,
a map always makes the adventure more fun.

Tour guide Isaac,...fearlessly leads.
"What's next," we asked I.I.
"Flamingos." says Isaac matter-of-factly
while Daddy and I do a double-take. 

"Did you teach him the word, Flamingo?" I ask my husband,
"No," he gasped. 

A little context, is not that we have anything against Flamingos,
but in day-to-day life we RARELY have the occasion to discuss long-legged pink birds,
and for a child with Apraxia,...Flamingo is a rather large word to get out without practice. 
Also, Isaac's casual-matter-of-fact manner of throwing out a new word,
took us by surprise.
So unexpected.
Of course, we weren't surprised Isaac knew EXACTLY where 
to find the Flamingos. 

Another Isaac-tized adventure!!!

One never knows to to expect with our little guy,
but we know with I.I.'s boundless joy it will always be fantastic fun. 

Like Flamingos for Thanksgiving. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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