At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, December 23, 2016

Another Christmas Post?

Another Christmas post?
Yep, Isaac has totally gotten into the Christmas spirit this year,...and Mama's got the pix to prove it.  
For about twenty minutes I dithered whether to publish another post, I know I am bordering the fine line of --- gushing about my child, but then I re-read last year's Christmas post, and I was utterly blown away by the miraculous strides Isaac has made in the past year. 
Living day-to-day - it is easy to forget, but last year Isaac was still 'barely' verbal!!!!!
Now, oh-my-goodness, our little guy has such a larger vocabulary and wider command upon his verbal skills. And social skills. 

There was a time our little guy didn't acknowledge others, but now he acts like Mayor of the World, greeting one and all with his unique charm, "Hi, how are you, today?" -- maybe a little scripted, but I.I. makes it work, because he's genuinely interested. 

Last year - there is NO WAY we would have let our prone-to-wander/nonverbal child out of our arms-reach in a busy holiday laden store, but this year,...Isaac wanted to go on the carousel by himself, and we were totally comfortable to let I.I. manage the ride on his own. 

To get his turn at the suction: bow-and-arrow Isaac had to very patiently wait his turn,...

Of course, helps, I.I. if you open your eyes,...

Too bad,...there is no sound bite for the giggles,...Isaac loved this activity. 

The sporting goods store we were at had the coolest holiday section for children with visits to Santa, which we passed on as that line was longer than the zoo train, the festive carousel, and (free!!!) holiday games, like the suction-arrow, and present stacking. Of course the store is filled with natural-history like scenes with stuffed bears, deer, wolves,...ect. Very cool, for a little guy, especially the huge fish tank with live fish. 
But all the fun made our little guy hungry.

"Lunch, please," says Isaac. "I hungry." 
How about a holiday lunch?
We made it to a local seafood restaurant jusssssssst in time before the lunch hour rush began. We had not been to this restaurant since June, but Isaac remembered two police cars had been in the parking lot our last visit. No  police-officers on lunch this time, but there was a whole table of firefighters, whom Isaac made a point of greeting. Then Isaac turned his charm onto our waitress, and ordered his own meal without glancing at the menu,...although it had been over six months since our last visit!!!!

The charm factor was so high as Isaac interacted with the wait-staff, our little guy gained, not one, but three, extra Diet Cokes by the time we left. 

No pix of Isaac shopping at the dollar store, or rather we shopped while our little guy had other things to do, like help one of the clerks - untangle - some shopping carts. "All better," says Isaac with more oozing charm, which earned him a quarter for the gum ball machine from the clerk. 

The quarter was a conundrum. Isaac doesn't chew gum, but the clerk didn't know that, and she urged him to get his 'treat' - which Isaac, eventually did, after minutely inspecting the gumball machine trying to figure out how it works. 

In went the coin, and voila, out came a gum ball. Cool! Then our little guy took the gumball to the clerk, "Here, for you!" 

So genuine, so precious. 

Of course, the clerk, who was amused and touched, didn't take the gum, so Isaac gave it to Daddy, who tried to get him to try a piece.

"No, thanks," Isaac waved away the treat, he had other things on his mind, like: DONUTS!

Six years with our little guy and we've learned a thing or two about perspective and what's really important. Celebrating with 'traditional' candy canes, hot chocolate, sugar cookies,...ect,...isn't on our little guy's radar. Boohooing over lost traditions only makes your nose stuffy and eyes red. What doesn't work, doesn't work. Thus, work with what does work, and make NEW TRADITIONS, donuts! Unlike traditional Christmas fare, donuts are a different matter,...they are a TREAT,...and according to Isaac a great way to celebrate!!!!

Getting to see the assembly line making Christmas donuts,...makes the outing only that much cooler. 

Double the fun,...could the world take TWO Isaacs?
Does the universe have that much oxygen?
 Luckily he's one-of-a-kind, kinda guy.

After our donut adventure we had to stop into Walmart for something as mundane as paper plates, but Isaac kept that little white baker's cap on his head,...and DOFFED THE CAP -- to one and all he met,...too adorable for words,...what a little gentleman!!! And YES, I AM GUSHING!!!! But come on,...last year I.I. barely knew it was the Christmas season!!!

Yes, our six year old is attempting to figure out exactly how those donuts are made. 

The scrutiny was very intense. 

And took about ten minutes. 

Then,...yes,...Isaac figured it out,...and was attempting to get the workers attention, so he could tell them EXACTLY how to do their jobs, a better and faster way. And no doubt, his ideas were probably spot-on,'s a little scary how quickly our little guy can figure stuff out,...and the spot-on observation is not a joke, can't make this stuff up,...but, I.I. just wants to be helpful. 

Perhaps because he knows the rewards are so sweet,
and not just the donuts. 

Isaac is truly such a happy person,
he wants others to be happy too,
and if they are not,
he can help that,
with his sunshine smile, 
and genuine concern. 
Spot on, concern.?
Somehow Isaac seems to reach out to those who really need his brand of charm,
like that harried clerk trying to untangle those carts.
No one, but I.I. seemed to notice her need.
That's a true gift. 

Love one another.
Be kind to one another.
a VERY Christmasy message. 

or as Isaac would say, and I quote:
"Have a Merra Christmast,
and a Happa New 'ear!"

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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