At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hats On For The New Year,...

The nice thing about Isaac is that I never have to search for blog-post material as our little guy is always up to something, starting off the new year with a Happy 2017 hat,...

I.I. picked out the hat himself, me,...if we had suggested such,...these pix would not exist!

"Happa New 'ear!" says I.I.,...

While out shopping, Isaac's made a point to fuel up for the New Year,
sausage, shrimp, eggs, french fries, biscuits, and Diet Coke,...

Also,...Isaac's had fun spending some 'Christmas money"
Toss-Across, anyone? 
It is rare, very, very rare for Isaac to ever ask for anything,
aside from Diet Coke,
so we did make an effort to hunt down this rather 'difficult' to find game 
without resorting to ordering it off the internet.
Needless to say,...Isaac was very pleased,...and we've been playing lots of Toss-Across!!!
And yes,...I.I. usually wins!!!

2016 is in the history books,
a historic year for us,...Isaac's speech and social development has taken off,
and everyone who works with I.I. agrees the leaps have been pretty dramatic.

Or maybe I.I. has just been holding out on us.
"Talk? Oh,...was that what you've been wanting me to do?" 

Wish it was that easy,...our little guy does still have very real challenges.
Apraxia is very real,...
Speech is not easy for Isaac,
yet, it's amazing how I.I. can work around the disconnects to get his messages across.
Is his speech like a 'typical' child,
no, no it's not, but it is always unique,
and usually incomparably charming,
and most important
 it works.

Social stuff takes time,
lot of it is very silly once you look at it through the lens of autism.
"Why can't we all be nice to one another?"
Try explaining that to a child on the spectrum.

Isaac is usually very gracious to put up with us,
he's got this,
and he knows we'll catch up sooner or later,
on what's really important. 

Until then,...I.I. will patiently wait,...

And think up a scheme or two,...

Or contemplate the universe,...

Our little guy has a VERY busy little mind,...

2016,..everything has been turned into an adventure,.

No doubt, 2017 will be just as exciting,...

Just a very little guy with very real challenges,
but Isaac already knows that life is to be lived,
and lived to the fullest,
with faith, hope and love,
and the greatest of these is LOVE!

Happy New Year!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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