At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

"More Christmast,..."

What a Holly Jolly Christmas,...Isaac has had this year!!!! 
The shared interest, excitement and all out enthusiasm for the holidays exhibited by our little guy was our Christmas gift!!!

Here is Isaac's first ever gingerbread house, more on this at the end of the post, but I.I. was so pleased with this festive activity!!!

This year,...we didn't have to worry about if Isaac would open his presents or not. 
Not a single sensory problem arose,
as I.I. happily dove into his holiday trove.

We feel very confident that Isaac liked his viewfinder. 

Just don't tell Isaac,...the view finder is actually a very good for speech therapy.

"What do you see, I.I.?"
"What is Wallee doing, I.I..?"
"Look for Eva."
"Where is Eva, I.I.?" 

- you get the picture, but it really does work for enhancing verbal description. 

Obligatory silly face while taking Christmas pix with big brothers.

First yo-yo lesson,
or rather an introductory course in physics. 
"It's called gravity, I.I." 

Of course Isaac received puzzles for Christmas,...

But we need to up I.I.'s puzzle game.
Isaac put this puzzle together in record time, (like five minutes) without even looking at the box.
100 piece puzzles here we come!!!

Getting presents is nice, 
but Isaac learned the pleasures of giving presents this year. 
The Eve of Christmas Eve, Teddy took Isaac shopping and when they got home, Daddy asked,
"What do you have, I.I.?"
"I've got STUFF!" said Isaac with a beaming smile, and he helped wrapped each present,
proving to be very precise with scissors and tape. 

"This for you," Isaac loved to say, happy to share his joy with one and all. 

More than one family member made a point of supporting Autism with their Christmas gifts,
and our family was so very touched,...bless them. 
Acceptance is the greatest gift. 

Mama didn't just eat dark chocolate pecans,...she also ate crow.
Daddy suggested getting a remote control car,
but this Mama didn't think it would go over very well, 
as last year I.I. completely ignored every single super cool toy.
But this year, Aunt C,...score THE best present of the Christmas season,
I.I.  absolutely LOVED his remote control car,

Thankfully I.I. really liked his dinosaurs and blocks, too. 
"Let's do this," says Isaac as we build castles. 

Of course, Isaac is in truth,...a man of action. 
Christmas Day spent on Papa's farm was a perfect way for him to celebrate,
doesn't everyone want to go fishing on Christmas Day?
I.I. caught a fish, too!

How much did I.I. understand about the Christmas season?
We don't exactly know.
Communication disconnects are still there, 
but we're getting closer to understanding what I.I. understands. 
Santa is for play.
Yep, I.I. seemed to understand that fact.
Baby Jesus was real.
Yeah,...Isaac seemed to understand that as well,
when I got out a nativity,
Isaac also wanted me to get out the Resurrection eggs,
connecting Calvary with Christmas,
not bad for a six year old. 

Isaac fully understands the beauty of giving to others. 
Everyone who met him was greeted with a sunshine smile, and
 "Merra Christmast!" 
And boy did I.I. LOVE giving out his gifts. 
"For YOU!" said I.I. 

We even started a few new traditions, the Eve of Christmas Eve shopping, and making a gingerbread house. Oh was that fun! But, of course, Isaac didn't touch the icing.
Let's get real, sensory is sensory and 'gooey' sensory doesn't stop for the holiday.
Still Isaac directed every step,
"Gumball here."
"Candy here." 
"Tiny balls, here."
And then let's eat, would assume?
"Happy Birthday,...Teddy." 
Never mind big brother's birthday is in September,
Isaac loved doing something special for someone he loves.  

The holiday season is coming to a close with the end of the 2016,
but this year, Isaac wants, "More Christmast!"

Something to look forward to for the next twelve months.

A new year is only days away, 
no doubt we'll have lots of adventures to share.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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