At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, December 9, 2016

Shall We Get Into The Holiday Season?

This is our sixth Christmas with Isaac,...
and the first Christmas where he has exhibited any (self-modivated) interest in the holiday,
 and we are THRILLED,
to hear Isaac running through the house singing, 
"I wish you a Merra Christmast,
and a happa, New 'ear."
and yes, the lisp is totally adorable!

Holidays have been difficult these past six years,..
it is such a happy time, which you want to share with your child, 
and the 'indifference' imposed by Autism has been a challenge,
as Isaac has very patiently put up with our seasonal afflictions,
which make us color eggs, shoot off fireworks, go gaga for green clovers,
put our hands over our hearts at half-lowered American flags,
get sappy over heart shaped cards,
eat turkey,
and decorate trees,
oh yeah,
and the presents,...totally weird.
People have expected Isaac to RIP open packages,
and be excited about items,
he has never seen before.
"There, there," Isaac has patted out hands, "This madness will be over soon,
and the house can get back to normal." 

But this year,...Isaac seems to have more an inkling what all the excitement and fun are about.
We're watching Christmas shows,...The Santa Clause and Frosty are current favorites.
We're holiday baking (more on this)
And Isaac was totally into putting up his Christmas tree.  

A tad backstory - we have a rather large artificial tree with lots of shiny lights,
but this past weekend when we were doing some yard work, which included trimming 
an over grown cypress tree in our yard,...we had no intention on using the the greenery for our Christmas tree,...but Isaac saw the evergreen clipping, and immediately exclaimed:
"My Christmas tree!"
What to do, but get some gravel and put up our very skinny Christmas tree. 

With a train at the base,...of course.
Isaac saw a Christmas tree at the hardware store with an electric train.

Isaac doesn't have an electric train,...but no matter,...he's got what's better,
a flare to make anything fun!

Credits to Teddy for helping Isaac set up the complicated design. 

It's perfect. 

Now, back to holiday baking.
Sensory issues make traditional holiday foods a challenge for our little guy. 
Or rather any type food can be a challenge, 
but we're are working our way around I.I.'s sensory issues.
We've solved pizza. 

Behold,...Isaac's perfect piece of pizza: sans sauce, sans cheese, sans toppings.
"My pizza," says Isaac munching with delight. 

Baking has been delight for Isaac too,
we've made two batches of cookies,
Isaac had fun,
but has as yet to eat a single cookie. 

But Chicken Liver for supper,...that's yum,
and part of the Autism puzzle,
Isaac won't eat sweets,
but will eat liver. 
Which, of course is not so bad, it's healthier,
but it does make planning holiday treats a challenge.

How about some holiday festivities at school?
Or rather a field trip to a local high school,
the students created a holiday carnival of sorts for the special needs elementary classes. 

Snowball fight, anyone?

How about holiday cookies and milk?
Isaac passed on his,...he'd rather read. 

But Isaac was totally ready for a Santa picture,...

Oh,...and the snowball fight,
 it was a bit of a free-for-all,..

Isaac totally got into the spirit of slinging 'yarn' snowballs to and fro.

Imagine, tunes 

But the holiday tunes just added to the festive fun,
Isaac had a blast!

Rotations were: crafts, story time, dancing with elves, reindeer games, snowball fight, 
cookies and milk, picture with Santa, and face painting,
or rather for Isaac,
paint by proxy.
Isaac directed an elf, paint a Christmas tree on Mama's hand,...just so. 

The Christmas Party was fun,
but Isaac always wants to be where the 'real' action is,
like the state-of-the-art basketball court,
oh dear,...such longing to go down there and play!!!

Something to dream about this holiday season!

Won't be long before Isaac is in high school,
these years are just flying by,
and we have cherished every one.
Even the ones,
where we've not been able to fully share 
what the holidays mean with our little guy. 

Autism has a way of stripping everything down to the bare essentials,
and while Isaac might not fully understand what all the holiday 'fuss' is about,
he fully knows what it is to loved,
and how to share his joy with those he loves.
And that is all that really matters,
year round.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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