At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, December 16, 2016

Waiting On Christmas,...

Just a little over a week until Christmas,
and for the FIRST time in six years,...Isaac understands that those presents are for HIM!!!!!
oh dear,...can we survive the wait?

The master negotiator has already been negotiating,
"Isaac's presents,...NOW!"
"No, Isaac,...we wait until Christmas."
"But I wannnnnnnnnt them!" says our now very-verbal child.
"Sorry, Buddy,...gotta wait."
"Maybe later," says a hopeful Isaac, with the translation of 'later' meaning in 'five minutes."
"Nope,...we open presents for Christmas,...that's ---x amount --- days."
-- ten seconds pass --
And the loop repeats.
"Isaac's presents,...NOW!" 

Oh dear,...what to do?
We have an ├╝ber-cool Advent calendar with teeny-mirrored doors, no less,
but that's hasn't captured I.I.'s imagination as only so many gummy bears can fit in the cavity. 
The presents that Isaac references sooooooooo often
are not even visible under the tree.
It's not like we don't TRUST our little guy not to open them,
but temptation is best kept under lock and key in the closet,
and NOT under the tree,
which is soooo small, anyway they wouldn't fit,
because Isaac has been VERY good this year,
and his present haul reflects all the love and affection felt for such 
a super-uber little guy.  

Oh well,...well just have to keep I.I. super busy during this week-wait.
More teeth are missing,
hunting for them
(Isaac keeps hides the teeth for some reason)
should take up an hour or so. 

Visiting the Playground will keep us busy,
as will visiting,
the local, Science Museum and ZOO!!!!

Christmas shopping, too.
First year, Isaac seems interested in shopping for others,
so Christmas Eve,...we'll join the throng,
for a sensory-overload adventure. 

I.I. would NEVER snurl his nose at donuts. 
Our local Krispy Kreme
has the factory window to watch the wonder taking place.

No doubt,
we'll kill some time,
by some photo-shoots with the Santa hat,
so Mama can't get so more,
precious pixs. 

Pup to the rescue!
Oreo will be a HUGE help in keeping I.I. busy before Christmas.

Maybe we'll try some Christmas crafts, too,
but there is always those pesky 
sensory issues.
Oh well,....we'll just go back to the zoo!

So excited for our little guy,
all the Holiday Season pleasures,

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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