At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What A Gift,...

The blog title really should be: Still "Patiently" Waiting On Christmas,...because Isaac has actually been very patient these past few days. 

Perhaps it is resignation. 
Or perhaps it is all the fun Isaac has been having,...despite the wait.

Yes,...Isaac at six years old, really THAT tall!

Or obstacles. 

Oh dear,...this Santa and Isaac were NOT simpatico! 
Perhaps it was the awkwardness Autism can create,...Isaac looks soooooo typical, but our little guy has his social challenges, and Santa didn't understand that Isaac didn't WANT on his knee,...nor could I.I. answer any 'typical' - "What do you want for Christmas" questions. And what do you do? Whisper, "Santa, he's on the spectrum?" Or try to explain about Apraxia, "Our little guy can't alway talk, I mean, sometime he can talk a blue streak, but when Apraxia kicks in, and you NEVER know when it will show up -- he can't readily answer." -- AWKWARD - Although, no doubt Santa would have been understanding, most people are, and very helpful and accommodating, but sometimes as parents you just aren't 'feeling' the whole explaining to strangers stuff.  -- so we just took pixs. 

Needless to say - both - were glad to get out of this 'awkward' moment. 

Isaac had too much to do at the zoo at night!!!!
Like greeting EVERYONE (but that poor Santa) with "Merra Christmast"

Can't see the snow-storm in the picture, but Isaac was fascinate by the 'bubble' snow blizzard, which was really cool, especially with the festive music blaring from speakers. 

Then our fearless little Santa, with his zoo map, ushered us straight to the train. Train rides are very expensive at the zoo, and as we visit the zoo a great deal, Isaac understands that we only get to ride the train when we attend night events like Christmas Zoo Lights. 

Needless to say the line for the train was looooooooong! So long, we were very disheartened as it seemed it would take three hours to get a spot on the train because HUNDREDS of people were ahead of us. 
What to do?
Mama waited in line, while Daddy and Isaac wandered about, but not far. Isaac is a true leader, he keeps up with his tribe, and kept coming back to the line to 'check-up' on Mama. 
SO SWEET!!!!! 
And, of course, Isaac made friends with the other people waiting in line with us. We have no idea, why Isaac's charm didn't work on that Santa, because he charmed the socks off everyone in that line, from the people immediately in front of us, the helping 'elves' -- to the conductor himself, because after our ride, Isaac made a point of making his way to the front of the train, and he gave the conductor  a high five, and said, "Good job!"
Thankfully the zoo was running both trains, so our wait was only forty minutes or so. 

More teeth have been lost this Christmas season, but Isaac hasn't wanted to do the 'tooth fairy' deal, again. Obviously I.I. was one-and-done for that rite, but the gappy-smile is still Christmasy cute. 

Mini-road trip over the past weekend was very Christmasy, and again, Isaac was totally patient with the seven HOUR car ride,...which was three and half hours going and coming. Of course, stopping at a state-of-the-art McDonalds helped, as did the books and tablets our little guy had in the backseat. 
However coming home, Isaac decided that we would get home 'quicker' - if HE DROVE. 
"Isaac drive, Daddy," says our little guy, while we try to explain to I.I. the he has to wait until he's much older to drive a car,...which at that time, ten years hence, should make for some very interesting blog posts!

For the time being Isaac will have to be content to drive around in a shopping cart with Mama. 

This is Isaac's reaction to the loooooooong lines at Walmart. 

Actually these pixs are a real testament to how far our little guy has come over the past year. Before I would have NEVER considered going into such a crowded store during the holiday season with I.I. - But, Isaac actually LOVED all the bustle,...more people to say, "Merra Christmast," to, and workers to cheer with his queries, "Whatcha doing?" -- and the 'high fives' Isaac passes out like candy. 

What a change from the past few years,...where Isaac wasn't interested in the holidays. 
Or the festivities.
Or even the gifts. 
A child not interested in getting toys?
Yeah, that's a side of Autism. 
Or at least it was our side for the previous Christmases. 
Isaac is more interested,
although he still doesn't totally 'get' the presents-part. 
A very nice lunch-room lady, whom Isaac has no doubt charmed, despite then fact he usually takes his own lunch, presented him with a gift bag filled with coloring books, crayons, and ABC blocks (does she know our little guy or what?)
What do you think Isaac did with his gift bag when he got home?
Rip into it and start playing?
Isaac put the gift under his little tree. 
We don't know. 

Perhaps Isaac is waiting on Christmas until he plays. 
Or perhaps he just likes the way the gift looks under the tree. 
Or maybe he already knows that 'relationships' are more important than gifts. 
No doubt, the lunchroom lady got a high five, a hug, and a "Merra Christmast!" 
Isaac always seems to have a handle upon the important things,
and he helps us have a better perspective on the world at large as well.

What a gift
we get to appreciate every day. 

Until I post again,...May God bless and keep you!

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