At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Saturday, November 18, 2017

When You Are Seven and Superman

Posts for this year have been few and far between,...but when you are seven years old and're a very, very busy little guy!

Lots to do! 
Like a Bounce House party organized by our church's Special Needs ministry.

Super fun!
Thank you to all the volunteers who gave of their time to make a special event for our super children. 

Paying it back,...volunteer work,...offering service to hungry folks!

And on Superman's agenda there is school,...and field trips!

Canoeing anyone?

Charming the goats and donkey!

Our little guy also charmed the socks off all of the Miracle League buddies!
It was a great season!
But, ventures are opening for our little guy.
How about some Upward Basketball?

Basketball is a very, very, VERY big deal,
team sport,
more cooperation,
lots and lots of social skills.
Practices have been going well,...our little guy has a nice little shot.
Communication is a challenge,
but sign language visuals have been invaluable. 
It's hard to believe there were those, who argued against us using sign language
with our child,...but signing has been such a blessing,
and without the visual cues,...our little guy would not have made as much verbal progress.

Speaking of progress,
Isaac has no problem whatsoever taking the leadership role in any project,
which might be interesting during the actual basketball games,
if Isaac decides to 'correct' the referee. 

Please note in this pix,...WHO has the lumber list!

But like any 'true' leader,...our little guy only wants to serve others. 
He's a true superhero!

This was the first year Isaac showed any interest in dressing up for the 31st. 
Notice the curl, was a detail,...I missed, but our little guy didn't. 
"Hair, Mommy!" said I.I. showing me a picture of Superman,
for let us be precise!

For us it's been a crazy busy fall,...
and this winter doesn't seem like our schedule is going to let up. 
and extra-activites,

Oh yes,...playtime is over,
our little guy has made enough progress it is time to get serious
about educational standards. 
Let's make no mistake,...this will be a Mount Everest, 
educational standards are solidly centered around 
the ability to communicate. 
But,...then this challenge shouldn't be too
as we're dealing with Superman,
he can leap tall buildings,
and speed faster than a speeding bullet,
should be a piece of cake
We'll see,
and no doubt,
more about academics in future posts,
Mama could get on a soapbox,
but not this post,
we'll only too grateful to have this challenge before us.  

Nothing,...absolutely nothing is off the table for our little guy.
You bet!
We're going to take it one academic standard at a time,
and have FUN while we're at it.
When you're seven,
and Superman,
it's impossible not to have a blast!

Until we post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Life's Simple: Lose Teeth, Get Legos

September where did you go?
The month was a blur, not a single blog post, 
because we were too busy doing STUFF for Mama to actually sit down at the computer,...

For starters: Adaptative P.E. 

How cool is getting to go swimming while everyone else at school is in school?

Our little guy is going to be a GREAT swimmer,...
he worked really hard and made significant progress,
plus had fun,
but fun and I.I. are always a given!

Big Brother Teddy had a birthday in September, 
and Isaac went ALL OUT for the celebration!

Birthday hiking, anyone?

Such beautiful weather that day,...
it was difficult to believe hurricanes were roaring through our nation,...
only a couple states away.
Even as we celebrated,...we didn't forget to remember those in the path.

Teaching empathy for others,
Big Brother Teddy is instrumental in helping Isaac learn about loving others. 

It doesn't hurt that I.I. is a great side-kick,
oh the giggles during this "cheesy' pix!

More giggles for Miracle League baseball!
Of course, the only way to play baseball is with a firefighter hat!!!
Those firefighters who brought their engine and passed out hats and stickers,
were FANTASTIC with our kids!!!

Duck, Duck, Goose,
has been the real winner for baseball this season,
Isaac has totally gotten into this popular outfield game,
and plays sooooooo appropriately.
Mama's gotten misty eyed a couple nights.
It might seem like a small thing,
but it's HUGE that our little guy had take turns and wait patiently,
even as he cheers everyone else on!!!!
But, of course, Isaac is still Isaac,
when he's done taking pix,
he's DONE!
But then again,
at least this season Isaac will patiently pose for a group pix,
that's more progress. 

Isaac with a sticky lollipop?

Nah,...that didn't take, but our little guy is more open to try more ventures. 

Like his FIRST haircut, the local barbershop!!!!
After some of the rodeo-like haircuts with Toddler-Isaac,
which left everyone in tears,
we NEVER knew if this day would come,
but it did,
no tears,
just giggles!

Also artistic Isaac is emerging.
maybe this isn't his favorite activity,
sensory stuff is still a challenge,
but again, Isaac is willing to try,
and really enjoyed our painting session!

Not bad for his first try!
Bright, colorful, full of energy painting,
very much like our little guy. 

Lots of first for our little guy this fall.
How about,...your FIRST football game?
Popcorn and diet coke?
Isaac was willing to be a fan. 

Showing off the gap where he lost a tooth, while enjoying the game. 

We chose a small school venue
to keep the sensory load in check,
and Isaac enjoyed cheering for the football teams for a whole quarter,
but I.I. is a man of action. 

"Football, anyone?" 
or rather Isaac asked, "I go play kids?"
In such a small venue, it was easy to say, "Yes." 
Pretty brave for a little guy to go make new friends,
but then Isaac's brand of charm is very charming,
as he is totally into encouraging others.
"You did great, catching ball!" 

But what about that tooth,...Isaac lost at school?
That's simple:
teeth,...of course,...go under one's pillow,
and then,
the teeth disappear,
and poof,

"For me?" asks Isaac, thrilled the tooth deal, works. 

Is life that simple?
For Isaac it is,
and perhaps for us as well.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Taking A Different Road

Road trip last Monday?

You bet!
Historic solar eclipses and autism don't exactly mix. Children on the spectrum really, really, REALLY like routine, the sun shining in the afternoon with its suppose to. An eclipse sounds simple enough to explain - the moon is traveling between the earth and sun,...jusssst for a bit,...but it doesn't exactly translate into what our little guy could or would feel comfortable with.
Or rather,...we weren't comfortable with him put in the situation where there were too many variables: keep your eclipse glasses on Isaac,...look at the sun Isaac,...don't look at the sun, Isaac,...don't take your glasses off, Isaac,...wait,...wait, wait,...Isaac,...we have to wait on the moon to cover the sun, ect, didn't sound optimal,...and we ALWAYS try to set-up our little guy for success,...especially since I.I. gets super-worried when the electricity goes out, just sound like a ticket to either a headache,...or a road trip with lambie-poo. 

5:00 am

5:08 am
Slushie and fuel,...what's not to love?

On the road,...with Isaac in the back with the map!

Okay,...the sunrise was really beautiful,
and Isaac was properly appreciative,
but where were we headed?

THE only place on the planet sure to take Isaac's mind off the historic solar event. 


Inside a mall, sun to be seen!

Also we discovered THE best time to visit Legoland is during a historic solar eclipse,
we practically had the place to ourselves!!!

The silence was awesome,
also was the fact there were NO LINES,
and no competition for the free play legos,
just lots of fun!

Isaac had a blast exploring!!!

Legoland is bigger,
and smaller than you'd think.
Parent review: It was okay for the online price, 
but if we payed full-price,...not so much,
especially if the place is packed and your child has to wait for everything. 
But like I said,...we practically had to place to ourselves!

The two rides were okay,
Isaac never asked to go again on, either,
although he could have ridden both to ad nausem,
no pun intended, but there were zero lines,
and the Legoland workers were all super-friendly. 

The manipulative play was more fun to our little guy,
he liked the test-tracks. 

And exploring all the environments.
There was a pirate ship playground.
How did I not get a picture of that?
Isaac like climbing all over it,
as much as he like the karaoke machine in this lego house,
another missed pix!
Can we all sing,..."EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!"

But hold your horses,...the best is yet to come!
"Yes, please!" says Isaac,
and hands down this was our little guy's favorite activity!!!

Legos and water,
what's not to love?

Oh, let's not forget the 4D movie theater!

No lines meant, we got to see all three movies showing
and Isaac LOVED the 4D effects, especially the misting water and bubbles.
Any seat in the house for our little V.I.P.
which was a pretty cool experience in of its own.

Two and half hours later,...Isaac was perusing the Lego Store.

What else are big brothers for?

You know I.I. had to get his Teddy in on his Great American Road Trip!!!

I.I. loves his big brother whether Teddy ponies up legos or not!

After 4D movies, about some virtual reality?

And new tech,....both are pros at it!

But wait,...there was that pesky business about a solar eclipse. 

See,...our little guy wasn't into the event
thankfully he wasn't super worried,
but all the adults scanning the sky was kinda weird. 

Moon shadows were cool. 

For posterity,...

or until 2024,...

Something to dream about on the road home,...

Per-autism,...we took a different road for the Great American Eclipse,
but that's okay,
we still had a memorable day!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!