At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Saturday, January 28, 2017

No Snow Little Joe

Note: To start our year,...we took a 21 day break from social media,...this post was meant to be posted before we signed off,...but oops I forgot, the no-snow event in our area was weeks ago,...yet I am posting today,...and will be catching up Isaac's adventures in the following week as time allows. :)

No Snow Little Joe

No use looking for snow this weekend,...the winter storm brought us only a little sleet, ice and chilling temps in our neighborhood,
Not that Isaac, aka "Little Joe" -- minded much,...he's had plenty to during his Christmas Holiday Break, discovering Photo Booths,...

Oh yes,...I.I. has being silly down pat,...
I.I., of course, is among Isaac's many nicknames: Little Joe, Little Bit, Little Bro, Mr. Super Sonic, Sunshine,...ect,...although I.I. is the front-runner and tag-along from the days when Isaac couldn't say his own name, but could at least say I.I.. The nickname is pretty universal among those who know our Little Joe,...who can now not only say Isaac, but his entire name,...although his middle name has been very confusing to explain,...

No looking back as the new year has started,...and hopefully on a more 'healthy' foot for our household,...not that Isaac is not healthy,...he's a miracle with his eating habits,...with donuts being his worse temptation,...but Mommy and Daddy could be a tad bit healthier,...especially Mommy. For any caregiver it is very difficult to find time to care for yourself,...especially when your child has sleep issues, that means YOU have sleep issues,...and with sleep deprivation is very difficult to maintain healthy habits as you don't have enough energy to exercise, and your eating habits are not always the wisest because you are eating and overeating for energy to get through the day. 


Thankfully 2016 was the year Isaac's sleep issues began to resolve,...after a lonnnnnnnng six years of wakeful nights. Hang in there Moms and Dads just starting out on this journey,...we NEVER thought we'd see a full night of sleep, again....but each night in 2016 has gotten better and better,...ESPECIALLY bedtime. 

Last night getting I.I. in to bed was a dream, last trip to potty (that's another thing FULLY resolved in 2016), read bed-time story with giggles, says prayers (precious!), "Nite-Nite Isaac," "Nite-Nite Mommy" -- Cue Isaac closing his eyes,...and one, two, three,...he's out for the count,...and as people of faith, we PRAISE THE LORD,...for such a turn-around. 

Need a work out trainer? I don't have to shell out bucks for a drill sergeant, I've got, I.I.,...who is adamant about having someone finish their sets, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10," - thinking I can stop, but Isaac keeps counting, "11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19. 20!, it AGAIN!" - and he demonstrates on the floor mat, "You can do THIS, MOMMY!" 

Yes, I know I can get healthier with Isaac by my side in our home gym, aka garage,...and in the kitchen, too. This Christmas Break Isaac has developed a real love of helping with dinner prep,...especially if he gets to use his safety knife to hack away at carrots and eggplant. 

Peel and fry any vegetable, and Isaac will eat it, except maybe carrots, because you can't hide the orange. But frying not exactly healthy, we try sneakier ways to get 'good grub' into our child, rice bowls,...which Isaac will gobble down,...not quite noticing the minced veggies, IF I peel away the green peels, and mince them enough, which also works for soups and stews with veggies cooked down to unrecognizable softness.
Bananas get whipped into oatmeal, and nutritional yeast snuck into scrambled eggs, and thankfully Isaac will eat liver, which is packed full of vitamins. 

Of course, if you stick broccoli on Isaac's plate,...he'll merely look at it, or hand it back, "No thank you." And that's totally fine with us. If we've learned anything as parents over the past twenty-eight years, is that FOOD IS NOT FOR FIGHTING!!!!

Food is fun!
We make it fun!
And make sure Isaac sees us enjoying what he doesn't, yet eat. 
New foods are constantly offered, but we are VERY blasé, while secretly watching to see what Isaac will do as he is curious as all get out,...and THAT can be used to our advantage. 
Also we constantly remember that Isaac is losing and cutting teeth at the moment, one wants to bit into a raw apple with a loose tooth, or a sore mouth. 
Food preferences take time,...especially when your child has 'soft and gooey' sensory issues, which makes it super important for us,...NOT to make an issue out of food.
Healthy choices are provided for Isaac, and the rest is up to him, far, good. 

This past Friday night while waiting on the snow that never arrived,...Isaac made a 'taco' - which was quite a surprise, as Isaac doesn't 'eat' tacos, but he insisted on making one, and of course, we were 'secretly delighted' and showed him how,...thinking "WOW,...another food corner, Isaac is going to turn," -- but no, Isaac's motives were completely philanthropic.

"For you, Teddy," says Isaac with a benevolent smile, as our little guy loves to help others, and he LOVES big brother Teddy!

I'll give you three guesses WHO covered a napping big brother.

But back to food,...Isaac ADORES noodles,...and can slurp with the best!

Even as he ponders,...2017
So much to do,...and only a year to do it in!

Totally in holiday mode,...when I suggest to Isaac that we needed to do some extra school work, 
he replied, "No work, I vacation." 

We headed to the library - anyway. 

And yes,...for a child on the spectrum "playing' is not just playing, but therapy. 

Last year,...Isaac wouldn't have been interested in the super cool car garage. 

Or the pretend dress up tubs. 

But 2017 is here,...and Isaac is ready to balance play and work and school and fun. 

Or just maybe look super-cool while at the mall. 

What's Isaac doing on one leg?
We never found out.
No doubt it was a profound experiment exploring gravitational forces. 
And as Isaac didn't topple over,
he won. 

No snow for Little Joe,
or his posse,
but 2017 has just begun,
and Isaac has a way of making his 'own' fun.
Snow, not needed.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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