At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Now We Are Seven,...

After Isaac's exuberant enthusiasm for celebrating Christmas,...
we weren't too surprised to find him VERY interested in his seventh birthday,...
but of course with I.I.'s own little twist,...
no one could possibly match our little guy's genuine astonishment and delight with each gift received.

"For me?" 

Very important to note Isaac is opening his presents himself,...
in the past we either helped or set out the gifts for Isaac to discover on his own. 

But with seven birthdays under his belt,...Isaac proved 
he can rippppppp that wrapping paper with the best of them.

Oh so many gifts to open,...

 And with each gift,...Isaac was genuinely touched and delighted to be remembered.

"For me?" 

No pix of the Birthday Donuts,...Isaac demolished them too quickly,
but here is a pix of the obligatory photo-op Birthday cake. 

More progress,...Isaac IS HOLDING THE CAKE!!!

And I.I. LOVED his Birthday balloons, which were hovering over his bed 
when he woke that morning. 
What a nice way to start your birthday!!!

Of course,...we must traditionally light the birthday candles!!!

Concept over Concrete,...

A birthday cake's true and only mission is to hold the Birthday Candles!

So Isaac can blow them out!

Many candles, blow,...

And now we clap!

And make a silly face,...

And man-up to eat that Birthday Cake,...

It's never been done,...but when one is seven years old, can at least try. 

Of course, must be precise about the exact bite,...

Those little fingers HAVE to have taste buds in them,....

Only the most perfect piece will be put in action. 

Please note the surgical precision of the open mouth.

And the moment,...reality sets in. 

That face says it all,...

No birthday cake eaten this year,...but how about some bowling?

Bowling on Birthdays is fast becoming a family tradition!

It's a VERY bonding experience,...

And you get frozen drinks,...

Of course, seven years old,...
and with three bowling experiences under his belt,...
I.I. is an expert,...and only too happy to explain the precise technique to one and all. 

The only thing better than bowling is arcade games. 

Isaac loves them all!!!

Really great patience exhibited by our little guy when he had to wait his turn for a game. 

Oh dear,...Isaac has discovered roller coasters,...

And our fearless little guy is a HUGE fan!!!!

Nice thing about birthdays,...they can last an entire weekend!
Lots of people, this little guy!!!!

More presents,...more genuine astonishment and delight!

"For me?" 

Now we are seven,...I.I. with the birthday pix to prove it!

This birthday was such a blessing!
Holidays and celebrations can be such challenges for children on the spectrum. 
Isaac still experiences the world (and birthdays) in a different way,
and he makes sure YOU do, too. 

Different is okay,
it is not less,
and can quite often be much more. 

It just take a little time,
to understand,
thankfully Isaac is very patient with us. 
Obviously if he shows us how to love life,
and love one another,
we'll catch on sooner or later.
Thankfully seven years in,
I think we are.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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