At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bunnies, Birds, And Beautiful Progress,...

What says springtime more than new life?

"BEAUTIFUL!!!!" said Isaac in an awed tone while holding these perfect little creatures. 

Oh,...and it took nerve to hold the fluffy little things,...but our little guy is chock full,
and really does try to experience, new experience within his comfort zone,... 
(More on this aspect later in the very long and picture heavy  post)

Holidays and Autism are an interesting mix,...
heartbreak over traditional norms is usually a wasted emotion,
our little guy experiences the world in a different manner, and that INCLUDES holidays. 
So no coloring eggs for us,
or munching peeps,
or any other type goodie aside from Rice Crispy treats and gummy bears. 
No matter,
I.I. still had a BLAST!!!

Bubble blowing,...

Oh yes,...our little guy does nothing half-way. 

Local church sponsored a Special Needs Easter Egg hunt for our area's 
exceptional children,...
With bubbles galore and balloons!!!

"Hello," cellphone balloon,...only in the 21st century!!!

Oh yes,...I.I. dearly LOVES a balloon,...
and we dearly LOVE the progress our little guy has made in regard to cellphones.

Once upon a time,...Isaac wouldn't touch a cellphone with a ten foot pole,
to talk,...that is,...all the other cool stuff a cellphone does is a different matter.
But to say, "Hi," to Daddy or Teddy or My-My.
Nope, Isaac was NEVER available to take the call. 
But now,...Mama seems to be secretary-central as Isaac now likes to speak,
AND request calls to his fav-o-rite people.
"Isaac,," says he, to our ears!!!!

What? Concerned-face Isaac?

Why suddenly so somber?

Or rather,...outright distressed?

Reality,...this is our little guys reaction to the Face-painting table.
That little face says it all, "Pleasssssssse don't make me do that."
We didn't. 
Mama, as usual was a painting proxy as Isaac instructed the volunteer to paint 
an 'apple' on Mama's hand 
(no pix,...face paint doesn't last long.)
But you know,...sometimes Isaac WILL let the volunteers paint his hand,
but not today,
and that's Autism,
you can't figure this stuff out, 
you just respect the sensory issues when they crop up. 

Such as decorating a cookie,
I.I was not enthused.

But willing to try. 

And even taste. 
"Mmmmmm," says Isaac, "That's delicious!"
After the cookie barely makes two second contract with his lips.
So hilarious!
Is our child being excessively polite.
Or sarcastic?

Per Isaac's instructions, Daddy ate the cookie. 

But Isaac rocked a pair of bunny ears as he played corn hole. 

With Daddy's assistance. 

"Bean bags, please," says Isaac, he is polite,
and a good sport,
he's not interested in winning,
just participating with his friends. 

 Snow cone,...anyone? 

TONS more progress here,...
we remember the time it was a triumph for Isaac to just HOLD a snow cone. 

But diet coke snow cones triumph sensory issues.
Okay, was really root beer instead of diet coke,
but the taste was close enough Isaac didn't seem to mind. 

Not even as we experienced our first brain freeze. 
"Oooooh,....coooooooold," says Isaac,
Another HUGE progression,
as once upon a time,...I.I. didn't make any specific observations. 

Nor was he interested in others. 
But now,...I.I. LOVES making friends and keeping up with them. 

Oh yeah....our little guy charmed the bubble volunteers,...BIG TIME!!!

Might have been the ears that were so charming.
Isaac really liked wearing them,
even though they were a little flimsy,
but ear-checks,
are all part of then process of having fun. 

Even if you're not feeling the Easter Bunny this year?

See, just can't figure these things out.
Last year, Isaac, oh-so-bravely, took a great pix with the Easter Bunny.
This year,....not so much. 

Not that we didn't try,...

And kudos for our little guy for trying,....

Also there was no great excitement toward the build up of hunting eggs. 
Or rather at the event the waiting was difficult. 
I.I. is a man of action,
but he does try soooo hard to " patient." 

Time to begin,...all smiles. 

And rocking our little bunny hat. 

And waiting for our friends to catch up. 

So mind blowing that these special needs children
do not have the 'typical' mindset of

Nope,...let's wait on our friends,...leave eggs for our friends. 

Everything is better if you share,....

But, I.I. is still I.I. and our little guy was a man on a mission,
out in front. 

Mission accomplished,
bucket full of eggs,
and plenty of eggs left over for his friends.
"All done," says Isaac ready to go home,
not to count his eggs,
 or eat the candy,
I.I. still doesn't like candy other than gummy bears. 
Nope,...our little guy was ready to get ready for his next adventure,...

The only loot that counted was these balloons,...Isaac LOVES balloons,
and later in the week had a real lesson in loss,
as balloons deflate,
and it broke his heart,
"I be patient for next year," says Isaac with a sniffle,
but never fear, won't be THAT long until I.I. is reconnected with some balloons,
our little guy just does NOTHING halfway,
including melodrama!!!!

Back to day-to-day life,
which include therapy appointments at the local Children's Hospital.
"Where did we park, I.I.?"
Mama takes a pix,...but her little guy NEVER forgets.

Mid-week puzzles with supper,
are part of our little guy's
day-to-day life.

And then the main Holiday event

Pixs for posterity? 

Okay,...maybe I.I. wasn't feeling it this year,...

"All done," says Isaac,...marching toward,..."Next."

Beautiful Easter Sunday,
where else to spend it but at the zoo. 

It's kinda a family tradition, 

Tour guide Isaac always has his trusty map,
and with reading skills improving,
we stopped quite a bit to read the signs. 
"What's that spell?" I.I. asks about unknown words. 

Big brother is always near, guide, teach, and protect. 

And keep up with,...I.I. is very, very, VERY fast,...
and very, very, VERY curious.
"What's next?" 

How about the lorikeet exhibit? 

Holiday treat for the birds and us. 

Needless to say,...our little guy was fascinated!!!!

But also apprehensive. 

Birds are very LOUD,
and yes,...our little guy had a sensory moment. 

But,...progress, progress, progress,
as I.I. was able to pull out of his discomfort.
Before,...we would have left,
but therapy has taught us how to give our little guy some space,
and reassurance for new experiences. 
These birds were not fluffy baby chicks,
they were loud,
and agressive,...

Yet,...our little guy,...beautifully adapted. 

Not exactly "Jim" of Mutual of Omaha,
but these things take time,...

And support.
Big brother Teddy is not only an Isaac-whisperer,
but the lorikeets responded to his calm and gentle presence as well. 
Need less to say, Teddy had those birds eating out of the palm of his hand,
to Isaac's delight. 

But all good things come to an end.
"All done, birds," says Isaac, "Bye Birds." 
Verbal progression?
Ah, yeah,'s nothing short of miraculous how our little guy has progressed. 

But Isaac is not a static kinda guy,...he's got stuff to do,
and is always ready for his next adventure,...

So yeah,...Mama's been gushing this entire post,
but please understand that our little guy's first visit to the zoo,
he sat in his stroller like a little robot,
not a smile,
not a grimace,
not a glance 
for anyone or anything.
It's was utterly heartbreaking. 

That was five years ago,
and its only been a little over a year since
Isaac has experienced his first verbal explosion,
and since then he's been so outgoing socially,
we can't get over it.
Nor do we intend to,....
instead we're going to rejoice,
and keep working to help our little guy
over come his developmental challenges.
And we will give credit where credit is due,


Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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