At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

While The Lawyers Slug It Out,...

Summer is here,...last day of school came and went, and there was STILL no word about our little guy's 2017-2018 school year - as we find ourselves in the crossfire of a redistricting fight. 

Apparently there has been an appeal to the redistricting and then a counter appeal and a cross appeal,...and a stay for this and a stay for that,...until no one knows what's going on, and some 'time-out' for all those government officials sounds like a reasonable alternative as all this fighting and infighting is about money and power and NOT the children's best interests. 

Last day of school I told the principal to let us know when a decision is made, we can prepare our little guy - for who knows what,...and in the meantime while the lawyers are slugging it out in federal court,...I.I. and I would be at home working on place values. 

Or if not at home,...we'd be about enjoying our vacation,...field trips and all. 

How about a Hot Air Balloon festival?

Lots of learning as we learned that the wind conditions have to be jussssssst right to launch the balloons, and when we were at the festival it was too windy,...but I.I. had fun just the same with the live music, and festive crowd,...and all the people to interact with,...

"Hi," says Isaac (not shy in the least), "How are you?" 

Most people are just fine,...and delighted to be asked. 
Truly,...everyone is (usually) so positive and friendly when interacting with our little guy,
that sunshine smile is hard to frown at. 

Of course, real life,...where we live, is not all sunshine.

 Yep,...our little guy is a real person and can get grumpy with the best of them.

Grumpiness offers learning opportunities,...
how to deal with adversity,
and negative emotions.
It's okay to be mad,
or sad.
How should we react when the world isn't going our way?
Probably the most important lesson our little guy will learn this summer. 
Time out,
take a breather,
and a perspective break. 
Fortunately our little guy is good at chilling. 

I.I. is also good at learning,
although with autism,
learning takes on a different perspective,
but if you can clue into that perspective,
than teaching is a snap,
because you are less a teacher,
and more a facilitator,
or rather a tour guide.
If we can make a subject 'seem' interesting,
Isaac takes it from there.

Such as our attempt at teaching time this summer.
The clock above is a DIY project
as the real deal teaching clock cost $$$$$$,
but I.I. doesn't mind DIY,
especially if there are gummy bears in the offering.
5:15 = Gummy Bears,
and the dry erase marker on the clock helped I.I. to know 
when the clock read - 5:15.
This should be a very useful tool this summer. 

What to do with bubble wrap?
Make flash cards, of course.
Oh yes,...I.I....LOVED this application.
Pop,...pop,...pop,...while we worked on addition facts.
Sensory and math,...who knew?

Isaac knows we're going to have a GREAT summer!

Lots of learning this summer,
and plenty of fun stuff too.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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