At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, June 9, 2017

Seventh Summer

Hard to believe we've had our little guy for seven summers now. 

What a face!

The only thing predictable about I.I. is that there is NOTHING predictable, 
which means we have to take flexibility to new levels,
as there is no way to know what will work,
and what won't,
unless we try. 

Five summers down and this is the first summer,...
Isaac has been able to participate in our local library's summer reading program.
The meeting/craft room was beyond LOUD,...yet Isaac tolerated the chaos very well,
and was not a bit shy during the coloring period.
"Orange, PLEASE," Isaac shouted down the table,
but during Lego-time,...I.I decided to do-his-own-thing while the others
grouped together to create a joint venture for a super-cool tower. 

The effortless social and communication skills of the other 1st-3rd graders were utterly amazing!
Clearly we've been in a 'therapy' bubble,
but observing the peers,
 only makes what 'communication' Isaac is able to communicate
 seem even more impressive. 
Please let's stress the word - effortless - not one child, aside from mine,
in that craft room had to struggle to find the words,
and utter them in the correct sequence. 
Easy if you can do it,
but such a challenge if Apraxia gums up the works. 

Check out I.I.'s end result,...the lego 'creation' was exactly on par with 
the other children who also chose to do-their-own-thing,
and most important, 
our little guy had a blast!"

Home 'studies/therapy' have been the most consistent this summer than before. 
and Arts & Crafts.

Nicest thing about Arts & Crafts with I.I. is that there is never a mess to clean up. 
"I so busy," said Isaac as he busily painted a little wooden airplane. 
Forget fingerpainting and construction paper,
I.I. wants fine-art materials,
with the attitude,...'if we're going to create,...let's create!'
Nothing half-way about this little guy!

Of course who says learning only has to take place at home?
How about an Urban Garden Crawl?

Or a trip to Japan?

Or a bit of both? If you can get to Japan in about twenty minutes,
that's fast!

What's not to love about a Japanese garden? 

This is not a bamboo forrest,
it's Honey-I-Shrunk-The-Kids's backyard. 
(Isaac's currently favorite movie)
"Watch out for the lawnmower, I.I.!" 

Perfect picnic in a silvan glade.

"Where's Daddy?" - I.I.'s version of a joke.
Our little guy loves to laugh.

And make friends. 
Same day,...different Urban garden. 

Making friends,...on and off the trails. 

Skipping,...not rocks,...but acorns!


Last summer this venture wouldn't have been as relaxing,
social skills are improving as I.I. makes progress on communication. 

But let's be clear,
none of this is easy for our little guy. 
So much to learn,
so much to do,
so many challenges to over come. 

Perhaps this week,...
it was brought home how very severe some of our little guy's challenges are,
his communication disconnects are not minor,
but we were also reminded how much progress Isaac has made. 
No matter what we do have to face,
one thing I.I. does do effortlessly
is happiness.
So much is lost in translation upon the computer screen,
but for those who know our little guy,
know exactly how blessed we are,
Seventh Summer,
and we are so thankful
the joys outweigh the challenges

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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