At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, June 2, 2017

The Joy of Discovery

First week summer vacation,...and daily lessons are in session, 
only shhhhhhhhhh, don't tell Isaac,
he thinks we're just having fun. 


The joy of discovery set out here and there throughout the house.
We NEVER told Isaac he had to work on patterns,
or put this puzzle together,...

Oh yes,'s fair game to capitalize on our little guy's intense curiosity!

The few obvious lessons are place in task boxes,
such as Isaac uses at school.
Three boxes = three task assignments,
or rather do all the assignments in the box.
and a game. 

Our little guy's writing/drawing skills are not the strongest. 
Nor is his interest the highest in this category.
These projects are the do THIS,
before you get to do THAT,
with that THAT being a highly desirable prize,
such as tablet time, or legos. 

Already Isaac is talking about wanting a job to earn money.
"Okay Buddy," says Mama, "You want a job,...YOU have to learn how to write."

Analyzing this first attempt worksheet,...
it occurred to me,
autism might jusssst help us get around this handwriting,
as our little guy's place on the spectrum
breaks down everything into its simplest elements. 

Why not try it on the alphabet?
Rectangle, Triangle, Circle.
That's all you need to make every letter and number. 
Best yet,...I.I. was FASCINATED,...and that's always a good sign!!!!
Think of it as a different perspective on handwriting.
Same skill, 
just a different take. 

Fascination carries a lot of weight in teaching any child.
Isaac was utterly fascinated with this DIY balance. 

1 wooden banana stand (thank you thrift store)
1 wooden ruler (.43 cents)
2 diet coke bottles (lunch!)
1 push pin
2 zip ties
2 pieces duck tape (ours was decorated with bubble gum)

Of course, Isaac with ZERO experience in assembling a balance,
took over the project,
"Isaac's turn!" 
And,...duh,...but the balance actually balanced perfectly!!!

Oh,...the look of fondness for his creation,...

Want to keep a child enthralled for an hour and half?
Build a DIY balance. 
More or less has never been soooooo much fun.

Talking about the joy of discovery,
imagine my delight while making breakfast to hear Isaac say,
"Teddy read story to me!"
Awwww my heart melted to hear those words,
I couldn't help tiptoeing down the hallway to peek,
okay, I had my phone to snap a pic, too,
but I didn't snap the picture right way,
 I was too astonished,
and amused.

Instead of Dr. Seuss, or The Bernstein Bears,
I head Teddy's gentle voice reading,
"...building a round 'train' boiler can be tricky.
First construct a rectangular shape with outward facing studs,
then attach curved bricks and slopes."
At the end of the paragraph,
 Isaac breathes, "What happens next?"
While I tiptoe back to the kitchen so I could laugh,
who knew,...Lego building specs could be soooo fascinating?
Can't make this stuff up, folks!

Reading and listening are skills we are working on this summer.
Actually Isaac can read like a pro,...the words he knows. 
But the listening,
is harder,
although improving.
Last summer Isaac wouldn't listen to a story without pictures,
and even then we had to improvise to keep his interest.
Now he will listen to a 'short' story,
and answer a few questions about the story. 
It's not exactly an activity that thrills him, 
but we'll take any progress we can get,
and build upon that progress 
without getting hung-up about what our little guy can and can't do - yet.
Love the word: YET,...

It's all about keeping prospective,
and remembering that special needs means,...hello,...special needs.
It's all the same skills,
only different pathways toward those skills. 

Even if that means thinking outside the box,...
to get the concepts taught.

If that's what it takes, 
that's what it takes.

Of course the upside is the JOY of DISCOVERY,...
which means Isaac doesn't exactly realize how much he is learning
while having so much fun.

Note: On the school front,...
if you read the previous post about lawyers slugging it out,
the judge in the case has approved the stay,...which nullifies the redistricting
for now
or at least the next school year,...
with the assumption being our little guy doesn't have to change schools,
but who knows,
this case is a lot like our little guy,
the ONLY thing predictable about him is that NOTHING is predictable.
But nevertheless,...this school or that school,...
I.I.'s learning is going to continue,
and the joy of discovery is going to be FUN! 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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