At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, June 23, 2017


A little rain doesn't drizzle out Isaac's summer fun,...

Rain or shine there are too many things to do, a little tennis. 

Some playground time,...

Too bad we didn't do a video to capture some of that joyful laughter,...

And reality,...

Speech therapy doesn't stop during summer vacation,
which is very good as Apraxia has been making itself felt these past few weeks,
or maybe we're just fully realizing the challenges facing our little guy.
You can see it in his little eyes,
he's got something to say,
but nothing is coming out.
even with all the communication disconnects,
more opinions,
and observations,
and endless questions
are nonstop. 
When motor-processing pathways don't work,
our little guy doesn't sweat it,
instead he goes into creative-mode to get his message across. 
Totally amazing. 

Here's some more reality,...

Getting a Father's Day pix with all our guys. 

"Cooperate I.I.,...that means we work together!" 

Mama got her pix,
and I.I. got lots of fun Sunday afternoon!
Properly dressed of course,
the smock is a tad small,
but the little heart beneath is enormous. 

And utterly adorable!
Come on, can't fake this level of joy!

Swoosh,...can't you just hear the giggles?

Take that, Apraxia, can't affect giggles,...or joy!

It's Isaac choice,
and he ALWAYS choses joy!
And curiosity. 

And helpfulness,...
"I help you," says Isaac,
and he does dearly love a helping task. 
Funny thing about Apraxia is one day I.I. can speak perfectly,
but the next day,
or even from minute to minute,
nothing works,
yet I.I. totally takes it in stride,
nothing is going to stop him from being helpful!

See in these pix Apraxia trying to muddle the communication waters,
and I.I.'s response,
telepathy through those little fingers,
they say,

Unstoppable determination to communicate how cool those fishes are!

Apraxia or apprehension,...can't compete with our little guy's curiosity,
especially with a tight grip around Daddy's neck.  

"Music, anyone?"

Unstoppable joy,...unbound!
Our Isaac dances to his own tune. 

And fearlessly walks his own path,...

"This way," says Isaac with more than a note of authority. 

Speech,...can be taught,
or augmented with devices,
but our little guy's unquenchable joy,
and formidable self-confidence
are priceless gifts,
which cannot taught,
nor purchased,
and combined they are utterly unstoppable. 

Thank you dear Lord for our Isaac,
our laughter,
our joy!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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