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At 42 Degrees

Meet Isaac

 Wow! Has it really been six years since we started this blog about our precious little guy?

Isaac is now eight years old,...
Autism and Apraxia are his superpowers!

2012 when this blog started was a total 'blur' year for us as we struggled to realize what our little guy's diagnoses would mean for his development. Not even sure why we started blogging, except perhaps we strongly felt that this would be the best way to help others understand about our son's challenges,...even as we were learning about those challenges ourselves,... 

It's been four years since our last intro update,...and of course the blog speaks for itself to the triumphs of our little guys development. Four years ago,...Isaac was still considered non-verbal, but about two and half years ago,...our little guy had a verbal explosion that still has everyone stunned! Of course, Apraxia still doesn't make communication easy for our little guy. We still use sign language for reenforcement, and speech therapy, speech therapy, speech therapy is a huge part of our lives.  

As for Autism? That diagnoses is merely a little blip in our son's happy little existence. He truly doesn't have time for anyone's social hang ups,...there is too much to do, explore, learn, and share. Also there is Isaac's famous bucket list he's working on. Who knows was 2018 will bring? 

Daddy's always near to share in our little guy's adventures. 

Big brothers,...Teddy and Michael always make time for their little guy,
and Kelsey too,...she's Michael's wife, and Isaac's favorite big sister. 

What we most want to share with this blog is the blessing and joy our little guy brings to our lives.
Check out that sunshine smile. 

Thanks for taking the time to stop by our little guy's blog.

No one expects Autism to become a part of their lives, 
but when it does, 
it's not the end of the world,
it's the beginning of a new universe!

This is our second intro,...scroll down to read the original post,...posted six years ago. 

Meet Isaac,...our special little guy,...who is now four years old and is challenged with Apraxia and Autism,...Apraxia is a motor-processing disorder that makes it difficult to: say what you want to say when you want to say it,...think of a television satellite and a television receiver,...each work perfectly but they are not connected,...that's Apraxia and to get around that disconnection Isaac uses single-double words sentences, sign language and set phrases to communicate,...also great big smiles and the cutest giggle in the world!!!

As for Autism, Isaac has been diagnosed on the spectrum with PDD-NOS: Pervasive Development Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified,...aka: for doctor speak: 'We have no idea what is wrong with your son, other than he is not developing typically.'  

The double AA, diagnoses makes communication doubly hard for Isaac, which for us is heartbreaking, there is no way to soften the blow,...our little guy struggles to speak, but on the flip side Isaac's vibrant personality has no trouble shining through,...he is loving and affectionate, charming as all get out, highly intelligent, an absolutely hilarious with some of his antics, is not dull with Isaac around!!!

It's been two years since Isaac's initial diagnoses for Apraxia, he's classified as severe, but two years ago he was nearly profound as he only had one functional word: Go,...but it took his fabulous speech pathologist only ten minutes to teach Isaac his first sign: More,...and the rest is history for Isaac has quite a vocabulary of sign language and he has taught himself the entire alphabet, and he knows it front and backwards, also phonics for each letter and the sign language sign for each letter,...but here is the puzzle,...he can still barely say his own name: I-sick,...that's Apraxia,...and also the reason this Mama stencils ISAAC on all of her little guys shirts,...its super easy by the way,...a stencil, I have an electronic die-cutter, but I used to cut the ISAAC's out with an exact-o knife,...I use Freezer Paper for the stencil which I iron onto the shirt, and fabric paint,'s become Isaac's signature style!

It's only been a year now since Isaac's been definitely diagnoses with Autism,...and it helps to know what we are dealing with,...because in many ways Isaac experiences the world in a different way,...and he makes sure you do too!!!  It's always interesting, but puzzling too,...especially since Isaac's disabilities are not readily visible, except for our use of sign language and then most people will, quite kindly ask if Isaac is deaf and it is usually a person who is acquainted with the deaf community though a loved one and knows sign language themselves,...or a few times we've been approached by hearing impaired individuals who are DELIGHTED to sign with us and share a new sign or two,...and the sign language is important to Isaac's language development,...because when Apraxia blocks the motor processing to his vocal chords,...Isaac can take a detour with those flying little fingers and sign what he wants to say,...and this child has a lot to say, a verbal expressively challenged chid,...Isaac is an utter chatter-box and has a quaint opinion about EVERYTHING!!!

Believe me,...Isaac is not a helpless shrinking violet,...he's an intrepid little guy who has taught us how to appreciate LIVING IN THE MOMENT,...every single moment. The name Isaac means laughter and our little guy is full of joy!!!

In the past four years, Isaac's been though a lot for a little guy: Early Intervention, Speech Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, doctor and doctor and doctor appointments,...and Special Needs Preschool which he still attends,...

Everyone needs a helping hand, and again....and we are grateful to all the individuals who have supported our family and especially Isaac. 

Thank you for the interest you have shown by stopping by Isaac's blog and taking the time to read a little more about our special little guy.

This is our original introduction post,...posted two years ago when we began this Apraxia/Autism journey with Isaac,....

Here's our Isaac,...

Check out that smile,...doesn't he look like he's about to burst out laughing? Our Isaac certainly loves to laugh especially at his big brothers Teddy and Michael. 

 Here's my three guys together,....

Yes,...that is quite an age difference between my three sons,...respectively their ages are: Teddy 23 yrs, Michael 21 yrs, and Isaac 27 months! 

Teddy's the one with the beard, he's a graduate student completing his master's degree in Education and our technical guru-extraordinaire, Michael is a lifeguard and broadcasting major completing his junior year at the university,....while our Isaac is a pre-preschooler just starting classes at a local early intervention center.

My husband Lynn and I have been blessed with 28 years of marriage,....he's a great guy and a great father to our three blessings.

The star of this blog is our Isaac,...he is in the process of being diagnosed for his special needs. His speech delay is quite obvious,....he only has about eleven words he can say and they are rarely used. We're about six weeks in from his first evaluation,...and he's made rapid progress his therapy sessions in learning sign language: eat, drink, more, again, please, ball.

No one will pin down Isaac's other needs,...he apparently is toeing the fine line of apraxia and autism, with some red flags,...not not enough definite proof to offer a clear diagnosis.  

But he's cute,...and his nonverbal communication skills are off the chart,...because he has no difficulty in getting his message across,...whether happy or otherwise!

We're just looking to the future,...because we know his cuteness is not going to be a safeguard foil for his furthered communications with the greater and wider world. 

So that's just a quick peek into this blog,....more later,...but now it's time to get Isaac ready for his third day of class,....this is his first week, say the first day didn't go very well would be putting it mildly,...but his teachers assure me a bumpy start is VERY typical, we will just take this process one step at a time.....

Until I post again,....may God bless and keep you!

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